chopper handlebars on an occstingray

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    Has anyonyone put chopper handlebars on an occ stingray and how did it work out.Did the existing rear brake cable still work or did it need to be changed?

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    Cable for Mr.Philip MOOOOrissss.....

    Taller bars require longer control cables, running a short brake cable can be dangerous.
    If your bike shop doesn't have longer cables in stock, you can have them order cables for tandem bikes and measure and cut them to size.
    Or order them online.
    Proper installation of control cables is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your bike works smoothly and safely.

    #1-Get a proper cable housing cutter that shears the housing instead of crushing it.
    #2-This is a trick of mine developed over the years that makes the cable operate buttery smooth.
    Make sure the new cable its self IS NOT IN THE HOUSING BEFORE YOU TRY TO CUT IT! don't laugh, I've done it myself.
    After you've measured the new cable housing SEVERAL TIMES and cut it to length, the inner wound metal jacket still might be intruding and rubbing on the inner cable.
    Have a sharp very pointy ice pick on hand first
    (I find a sharpened old spoke will do the job in a pinch)
    I use a grind stone to dress the cut end of the housing then before it cools you GENTLY use the ice pick to make sure the opening is clear and the nylon liner is ready to let the cable slide easy.
    #3- USE NEW FERULES OR METAL CABLE ENDS, this step can increase the stiffness and decrease the compressibility of the entire brake system and give a much better feel to the brakes.
    #4- Cable routing, some times the fastest smoothest way to something is around something else, if you have the slack, don't be afraid to go around the stem/steering head to the opposite side of the bike, for example, most bikes have there rear brake lever on the right hand side of the bars, if you have the extra cable its perfectly fine to make the cable cross over to the left side of the frame and then to the rear brake.
    This also allows for any future kink at the brake lever to be repaired easily with out a new cable, just re route the cable to the right hand side and repeat steps #2 and #3.
    I usually get two seasons out of a set of cables that way... NEVER NEVER let your cables get older than 2 or 3 seasons. its just not worth the risk.
    Ride safe.
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    Thanks so much for the advice.I sure found it helpful.