Chopper handling?

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  1. I have been looking at maybe getting a Chopper bicycle for
    motorizing. I really like the look of the Schwinn Spoiler,
    but am wondering how they handle.
    There is also the shorter adult size chopper they made,
    but those seem to not have disc brakes, etc......

    I've never ridden a chopper before, so I'd like to find out
    if they ride strangely, and any opinions you may have of them.
    Thanks so much!

  2. cooltoy

    cooltoy Member

    thats a good question because as I see kids TRYING to ride them it's kind of sad.
    I know that the users of these bikes will not like this but it seems to me that they look cool on the front cover of a magazine but offer no street driving value at all. They also scream out "look at me, I'm driving a motorized bike ,pull me over!!!!"
    But ya. they look so sweet!
  3. Hollywood

    Hollywood Guest

    You have to make a wider turn with them.They don't turn on a dime.You also have to make a motor mount or buy one.Live Fast Motors make mounts for the OCC Chopper Schwinn.
  4. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Good looking but not particularly practical(and in some situations scairy)
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I have found that pedalling them is a PITA
    but, under power, they handle nicely
    the seating position is more comfortable than a mtb (hunched, leaning on handlebars)
    the main draw-back is the appearance of being a mini-chopper, rather than a motoredbike
    I built a nirve deviate
    it made it into bike, rod & kustom
    my son-in-law (azvinnie) built an OCC chopper that I have ridden a lot as well
    I added the bike links mostly to validate my opinion :) (ok, to brag a bit as well :D)

    but, after saying all that, and having motored a chopper, 2 mtn bikes, and a schwinn favorite is the jag
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  6. cooltoy

    cooltoy Member

    Great looking bikes Bill, really great. It's funny because when this topic came up I was reminded that I have one of those OCC choppers hanging in the garage. It's a bit rusty and the back tire is flat but it's all there. I just know that I would be pulled over within minutes. Like you said , it looks like a mini chopper. I Like your rubber washer idea!
  7. Thanks Guys!

    I think I'm just going to add some higher bars for my mtn bike.

    I don't like being so hunched over, and the addition of
    taller bars should be the ticket.
    (though I'll need to redo all the cables, which is going to suck.
    2 brakes, 2 gear cables, and a throttle....)
  8. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    please dont be turned off of the chopper look, yes all these things are true to some degree and they do draw alot of attention, but with a chopper bike, i no longer have back issues (i have a bad back and knees and ankles due to my flat feet) and as long as your not horsing around annoying people, i really dont think it will draw negative attention. but if you are not a good leaner by all things possible dont get a stingray, unless you plan to go ariound a turn at 5mph. often times, if i forget to make my pedals even, my pedal will scrape, and ill have to slow down, cause i cant lean enough. im nnot proud to say this but in that case, i was goin 2 fast, my pedal rubbed, and i didnt fall, but ive hopped some curbs :???: you always have to take in to consideration the rake of the forks, longer rake=less handleing having rode harleys, im used to this though, and am not afraid, so take those facts into consideraton and then make a desion. personally, im thinking of installing somthing like a back seat from a harley, so ill have a back rest-sissybar.
  9. Zev0

    Zev0 Member

    WOOOO HOOOOO there's some AWESOME looking bikes in that 2nd link..
  10. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    thanks :D
    I'm proud they thought MY bike was worthy of such company :D
  11. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    I have a StingrayXL and have never had a problem with handling. Given its very long wheelbase it's extremely stable for a bike even at high speeds. It does have the drawback of requiring wide turns similar to that of my Suzuki SV650s which is is only a couple of car or pickup truck widths I'd say. I like motoring with it but would never think about pedaling it any good distance. Especially considering the hills around here.
  12. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    yes!!!!! these bikes sting ray or xl, are murder to ride unless you go 2mph, they are made for crusing, so you have almost no leverage on the pedals, yes this bike is VERY stable, but if ur like my neighbor, who thinks leaning means touching the ground with ur knee, and wont do it.... dont buy these bikes for your own saftey! she tried to turn without leaning, and drove up into a yard :grin: was the funniest thing ive ever seen! lol, that said, i had to repaint my pipe.
  13. w31john

    w31john Member

    these are my bikes.the chopper is on top and my mtn bike is on the
    bottom with taller bars
  14. zipdrivex

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    Personnaly I think my Spoiler handles more like a harley than a bicycle. I love the comfortable ride and easy handling. I'm scared to take corners too fast because i've had a coupple misshaps i've had and everyone that I know that's wrecked a motorized bicycle has done so during a turn.
  15. logan69

    logan69 New Member

    chopper are i think best to be motorized. i have both a chopper and mtb. chopper has low center of gravity where as mtb stands tall and i have to slow down more on mtb to make a turn but chopper just leans and cuts in like so cool. just my opinion. love n peace to all.
  16. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    im wondering if the forks were removed and put in the opposite side. the wheel would be in trailing axel than in leading axel position. it would shorten the w/b by about three inches. wouldnt this make turning more stable by shortening the rake?
  17. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member

    alaskavan has a proflex, i think it was, MTB. It looks like the forks are turned backwards but it was designed that way. So, i figure, what's the harm? Try see if you like it. If you don't put it back.
  18. Youngbird

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    My experience with choppers is with the full sized ones, but here is my two cents worth. They DO NOT handle like the normal m/c or m/b. The center of gravity is much lower (when done right) when the neck is properly raked (37-50 degrees). The turning radius is much larger (30-50' instead of 10'), but boy are they a joy to ride. Very comforable(even rigid) and it seems like you are literally flying. You are much closer to the ground. Besides....they're KOOL!

    There are a whole bunch of places on-line who cater to chopper bikes and parts. Just do a search for "chopper bicycle parts" or PM me. I'll help you out.:cowboy2:
  19. graucho

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    Yes sir-re. Totally cool but they do draw major attention. Usually not a good thing. I ride in the country so I can get away with it. I love to ride the standard MB frame, but the chopper feel is 2X the rush. I agree its a little wobbly at slow speed (1- 4mph) and the turning radiusonce takes a little to get used to but when you get moving there's nothing like it. (Full scale or small)
  20. mikaleno

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    The same thing about MB chopper's holds true today as it did with choppers in the '60's, (I was there man, ha). They were never about comfort or making your bum feel better, or how tight you could turn. They were about being radical, looking super cool and annoying straight people just a little.

    You know the cool thing about the OCC is, it was (supposedly) designed by the OCC team. They did a great job!
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