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  1. blackmarkus

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    well here is a better shot of my bike , it still needs another trip to the fabricator and paint shop.

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  2. looks great! That orange is eye catching!
  3. SimpleSimon

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    Very, very nice indeed. Am I correct in seeing a twin tube exhaust using the frame tubes? Awesomely clean design!

    *Second look, I see that I am not r thats the rear hanger rod, then? Still, beautiful work.
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  4. Matt_b

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    This is screaming for a sickbikeparts shifter kit. I just ordered the kit but still dont have motor or bike to put it on(guess my Q built whizzer will have to sufice for now) but I want ot put it on one of this choppers because of the disc brakes and internal gear hubs. But you have to weld in a bar like that to really make it work right.
  5. Awesome build. Looks great!
  6. GTscoob

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    What kinda frame is that? My friend sitting next to me just fell in love with it and wants to build a bike around it.
  7. blackmarkus

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    Micargi Classic 26

    it has taken a long time and many modifications to get it to that stage. I also have a beautiful custom exhaust but it's away getting a baffle made for it. As far as the Sick Bike Parts shifter kit goes , I think it is fast enough as is.:shock:
    I'm looking for paint suggestions ,I'm thinking pantone neon green 802c ?

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  8. TWalker

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    Very nice. I just built a similar chopper using fabbed brackets but the vibration is so bad I think I will have to weld a tube like you did and repaint especially since it will have a shifter kit.
  9. BigFella

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    wow thats coooooooooool,
  10. motoschwinn

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    Like It!

    I just wanna say I like your signature message at the bottom. I think a few of these guys might have been hall monitors when they were kids or something!
  11. blackmarkus

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    The Praying Mantis

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  12. TWalker

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    How do you do an exhaust pipe like that?
  13. Ruggs

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    wow! Nice Bike
  14. blackmarkus

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    The pipe was made by a friend who fabricates stainless steel rails for boats. He is quite talented .It is very noisey ,it pretty much a straight through pipe. I will go and take some better pics and start a new thread :praying Mantis Chopper
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  15. bicycle ron

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    Chopper Bike

    Hey Blackmarkus, is that a Phat Cycle? I have been looking at they're Stretch Dulux on the web, but I have'nt actually seen one? Here's a pic of my stretch chopper:

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  16. blackmarkus

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  17. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Micargi Mustang GTS

    OK. I missed that. I had a couple of Micargi Mustangs, but not a classic!

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