Discussion in 'General Questions' started by steveadicks, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    i really like the look of chopper bicycles with engine kits, and I was wondering if the kit on that's dax will work on those chopper bicycles you see at wal-mart. I'm just really worried I'll invest alot of money and it not work.

  2. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    With modifications, the kit should be able to fit on almost any bike. What I would do is buy the kit, and then take the engine with you when you go look at bikes, to make sure that the bike will fit the engine. There are plenty of bikes out there that will fit the engine very well, so you shouldn't worry about buying an engine and having no use for it.
  3. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    its the same bike edward put an engine on. I'm mainly just worried about the motor mounts now.
  4. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    You can make your own mounts one guy I know of made an adapter out of wood but I use the igniton cole bracket that you can get at auto zone

    My bike has the chopper tank on a regular beach cruser I am thinking of getting some springer forks and see how it looks.

  5. I just put an engine on a Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper is that the bike you are going to put one on?
  6. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    ya I wanted to put an engine on an occ stingray.
  7. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    how hard was it to put an engine on a stingray, and also where did you get yours? They only sell 20 inch frames at wal-mart.
  8. I put it in the 20 inch model those are the only ones I have seen around. Sams club sold an XL model that had the same size wheels a little bigger frame and slightly longer forks. Those were only around for a short time. But since you don't peddle much once you have the engine the 20" seems fine. I did put on ape hanger bars and a chopper seat from the 70's that is long like a banana seat with a sissy bar to support the back. When you need the extra leg room for peddling just slide back on the seat.
    It is a lot more of a pain then putting the engine in a normal cruiser frame. You need to do a motor-mount and the stock exhuast has to be altered. Working around the rear brake with the chain can be tricky too. But it is so much more fun once it is done.
  9. steveadicks

    steveadicks Guest

    how did you do the motor mount and alter the exaust?
  10. Blaze

    Blaze Guest

    stingray motor mount

    Livefast motors has all the parts you need to motorize a Stingray Chopper. They sell a motor mount that offsets the motor to the side a little to get the chain to clear the fat tire. They also sell kits to mount your drive sprocket to your hub instead of the spokes, mufflers with stretched exhaust pipes, and all kinds of other stuff.

    Just search for livefastmotors in ebay or google.