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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, Sep 7, 2008.


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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

  2. wayde

    wayde Guest

    I know Chris isn't the cheapest BUT his devotion to his customers is remarkable. My wife could care less about our bikes and even she's impressed with him. I ordered my kit and four days later it was at my door so like a little kid on Christmas i excitedly put it on the bike and vroom away i went, the the motor started acting funny so i called Chris and he requested that i send it back (cod if i couldn't afford the shipping) i sent it to him about a day after he got it he emailed me and told me that he sent out a brand new replacement because he's over loaded with things to do and he want's me to be riding and happy not waiting and bumming out. The new motor came and it is worth every penny and even the whole process of exchange I will continue to buy from him again and again. that's my not so professional opinion on Mr Chris Hill
  3. beachcruiser

    beachcruiser Member

    Chris Hill- CH80 Shipping Review

    I recieved my CH80 this morning from Thunder Bay Canada
    by USPS. The CH80 kit came in a compact box, with no rattles
    and very well packed. I opened the box and examened the contents
    all wrapped in bubble wrap and styro foam, and accounted for everything.
    Immeadiately I noticed the work that Chris personally does for his
    customers. Chris is dedicated in giving his customers a superior
    product than anyone else. His customer service is very good and answers
    your questions honestly, whether over the phone or e-mail. He is always there for you. The extra money you spend for his personal work that he
    does to these CH80 engines is worth every penny. I cannot say enough
    for this mans' dedication to giving customers a superior product.
  4. 45u

    45u Active Member

    Web site link does not work for me.
  5. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen or heard anything from Chris in several years now. No doubt he's no longer in this business.

    I never bought anything from him. But I always had it in mind. I remember his description of just what he did to these engines. It boiled down to a very thorough upgrade. The price went up, too. Of course.

    But for someone who craves a bit more quality it sure looked as though Chris was worth giving a try.