christmas in ocean park!



well here we are! some of the mbc members of ocean park got togather to celebrate a little christmas cheer at wavygravys place! we caught up on our safety meetings & tried out our new back to the future safety helmet! we had ham, taters, all the trimmings, with banana cream pie. & hot butterd rums! we got funky! & dicussed safety in depth lol! pics are- beach crusin, quay in her new hat doin rockemsockem robots, takeing on all contenders!, sheriff augie layin down the law!, & the dogman sporting the new safety helmet! i think he got some grease in his eye or something!:cool:


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looking good guys ,good to hear you had a great time Jan 20th coming soon going to start up the coast feb 02nd say ya'll soon
yaknow...every time i go to wavy's i wind up doing sumpin' silly...i dunno how it happens, and he's not telling :rolleyes:
Looks like augi is undergoing an extraterrestrial brain probe...

What in the H - E - double HOCKY STICKS is that thing?!?!?!?!?!


loco: bring it on, buddy...we should have the safety-helmet perfected by then. if not, maybe you can try it out and let us know how we can improve the product ;)

bean: it's a christmas decoration gone it all the way and it's a globe of lights, but that's no fun...innovation, now that's fun! it sure would make it difficult for a cager to say "but officer, i didn't see him" :p :LOL:

(i'm trying to explain why i'd be caught in such a getup...anyone buying this?)

rif: not a gathering goes by without you're mentioned...we wish you coulda been here, too :)
That helmet looks like something from Area 51. Looks like ya'll had a Merry Christmas.
Looks good guys.I'll have my Whizzer and Happy time motored bikes by the ally in augest.