christmas warning for all men

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arkives1, Dec 14, 2010.

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    it doesnt work
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    Obviously the video has been removed from that site. I no longer have it on my pc either. I don't know if others could see it or not, you are the only person to mention it.
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    This link works. It's a pretty old vid.

    There is a cute gift mentioned in there about the RAM, of course I'm a geek at heart.
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    What to get your wife for Christmas....Just go into the back of her closet , dig around in her dresser or her jewelry box and find something that looks like it hasn't been worn or used for a while...take it down to a gift wrap place and have it wrapped up in a nice new box...there you go
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    If anyone ever wants to know why I spent so much time on the computer and in the garage this is because I did something like this last Christmas.
    If you attempt not use an appliance.
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    Stan4d...I kinda like it out here in the garage..have my computer, small flat screen TV, all my hobbies , projects , toys, heat , AC...wife calls me in for dinner..what more could you want....
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    I caught a bumblebee one year on the porch, in a glass jar. Once it died, I took close up photos of it from several angles, then had a guy I knew electroplate it in solid gold after I removed the band of black fur around the abdomen. Once it was plated, I mounted very small tubular jet beads with gold wire in place of the fur band, using the photos as a guide, and had my friend mount a brooch pin on the underside.

    Gave that to Julie for Christmas 1997. You have no idea how effective that gift was - it erased all previous negative points I'd accumulated on her ledger, and gave me a positive measure that was HUGE. A totally unique, one of a kind piece of jewelry goes a long, LONG ways on the balance sheet.
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    Simon..some years ago I took a big cow turd ,stuck the bottom half of a desk pen holder down in it, coated it with a hard clear plastic and mounted the whole thing on a rotating wind up music box ,bought an expensive gold pen to put in it and gave it to my wife for Christmas.. in retrospect I think you had a much better idea with the gold plated bumblebee pin...but I still have my rotating turd in my garage..didnt break when she threw it at me...I guess I need to make or buy something with a little more class for this year..only have one week left..
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    What kind of plastic did you use.....must be lots tougher than what I use...:confused:
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    A friend and I were caught on the 90 West, late at night with flashlights, sandwhich bags and a small garden shovel.

    When the State Cop asked WTF we were up too, we explained we were out looking for a bad bosses Christmas present in the way of a deer turd...

    He laughed so hard, I thought he was going to call for help...

    The boss wasn't laughing when we completed our mission and he found it on his desk, the idiot was squeezing them, trying to figure out what it was!!! Mmmm chocolate rasins???
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    Killer idea Simon, she must have loved it!
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    I had a roommate steal something from me and then give it back later as a gift... "I found you a new one to replace the other that went missing..."

    I'm nearly phobic about bees-- hope no one ever tries that gold-plated bee thing with me.
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    I got the idea from my jeweler friend, after I saw a delicate necklace he made by gold plating a couple dozen ants and joining them as links in a chain.

    He made that for a lady friend of his who was an entomologist. She absolutely loved that thing.