Chrome 26" 80cc Motorized Bike - New Build

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  1. Leroybrown420

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    Hello fellow MBers. Just finished another frame up build using F&R parts and little 80cc 2 stroke-er. 12 gauge spokes, 36 tooth chainring, BMX bars, front suspension and dual brakes. Lots of fun to ride.

    002.jpg 003.jpg 012.jpg 008.jpg 004.jpg 007.jpg 011.jpg
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  2. 66ccCruiser

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    Nice bike and love the chrome frame and the bmx bars/front fork combo are cool... I like the trail as well bro, nice... I'm in more or less the concrete jungle here in Sacramento Ca.. though I'm running a 36 tooth sprocket for some speed. I'm about to install a suspension fork and a light from an early 70's mini bike on the unit for some trails here and there and making it a safer ride..I've had this bike for a couple of years so it's been over time putting parts and time into it.......Keep up the good work in AZ!!!! DSCN1949.jpg DSCN2011.jpg
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