Chrome Bullet Style Headlight For My Spoiler


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May 14, 2008
Billings Montana
I recently purchased this Electra Bullet Headlight from and it adds major points to the look of the bike. It uses a 12v battery that sits inside the housing. As for how bright it is? It doesn't emit much visible light onto the road so I still use my other lights in dark areas. But the reflective material behind the bulb makes the light look extremely bright. I've had many people tell me I look like an actual motorcycle with the headlight coming right at them. It uses a Xenon LED bulb and it has an HID purple look to it.


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I ordered one of these lights myself from Amazon based on your review. Unfortunately, I was terribly unimpressed with the light. It's flimsy as a soda can and fell apart almost immediately. As you mentioned, the light is very dim. Defeats the purpose in my opinion. I'm in the process of returning the light.

I've been going through a lot of frustration trying to find a light setup, specifically for the chrome bullet style. I'm working on building a chrome light kit that is very BRIGHT and industrial. I'd like to start selling it to keep others from going through the same frustration. Don't expect it to be cheap either, you definitely get what you pay for!! If anyone is interested PM me.
I got a couple of these too--but not the Electra ones.

The Electra ones are already converted to LED (I think). I avoided them because others online said that the LED was not real bright anyway, and I though I could convert the incan ones to a better LED myself.

The others are a very dim 6V odd size of bulb that is not easily converted to LED use (because of the way the reflector retaining clip fastens around the bulb itself). The attachment base is not real great either.

I looked around for motorcycle/ATV/minibike lights that might be a better starting point and that still had the retro look, and couldn't find anything really useful that wasn't also expensive.

I gave up on mine eventually. These could look very cool, but converting them to a decent-brightness of LED would be something of a mini-project in itself.
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