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  2. no it wont increase performance any,all stock aircleaners get clogged with gas/oil and need to be clean alot.i reccomend a performance aircleaner,one that has the air filter part atleast 2" from carb opening.
    i have a rubber boot hose on the end of the carb running to a 6" pipe and thin airfilter on the end of that,now no more clogged aircleaners and it quiets the engine and i gained 5mph.
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    could you point me toward a good airfilter
  4. one that looks like these,but i forget who sells them.

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    is that a whole new carburetor or is it just an air filter put on the stock carburetor?
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    Man, I wish I had that kind of clearance on the back end of the carb!!
  7. they make a aircleaner for the stock carb (k/N) and they make a high performance carb that comes with a airfilter (sbp).
    if you dont have clearance,you can take a rubber boot(from bike shock)or hose and run that to a pipe or airbox(plastic box or cup with lid) and attach filter to the end of that.

    measure your carb and go to a auto parts store and find a k/n airfilter or other one that matches the size of the carb take a tape measure with you, a couple of screws or hose clamp will hold it on carb.

    K&N air filter. The model number is RC-2550
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    is the k&n filter you mentioned the one you used with the default carburetor?
  9. i didnt but someone else did and he used that model and 2 screws to hold it on the stock carb.

    i have a rubber boot on the end of the carb and tape to a 6" aluminum pipe with no filter.
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    sick bike parts sells a quality filter from what has been posted
    always good to support a sponsor :cool2:
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    thats a stock carb wit a crome filter housing spooky tooth has em fer like 20 bucks