chrome springer forks/kulana moondog

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  1. If anyone is looking to buy a new chrome springer front fork assembly you can purchase online from cost around 50 bucks to my door. I also got my motor kit from powerkingshop today ,the new upgraded version looks great no metal in gas tank like some ive heard of, anyway i bought a next avalon custom cruiser at walmart online and engine does not fit. No suprise once i seen it in person bars looked bigger and farther apart in cyberspace. Now im looking at a pacific moondog at walmart the only one ive everseen in person. Paints kinda scratched in some spots but i cant find it online anymore for some reason. Im going to order the spinger front fork for sure but not sure if it will fit the moondog frame and ive already made a 123 dollar mistake on the other bike so has anyone done this swap before? Thanks a million. This is a great site.

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    for whatever reason, dept stores are mis-labeling those God-awful 'comfort'
    (a misnomer) bikes, as 'cruisers'....tricky.
    as far as the paint being scratched...get used to it. you'll prolly put a few more on during the install.
    before you order the springer fork, i think you need to do a little measuring......not all head tubes are the same length.

    edit: changing the forks from my Sun to the Elecrtra, the fork stem stuck ou the top of the head tube 1"
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    See if they have a point beach cruiser. Wonderful bike.
  4. Yes they did but i got the only and last kulana moondog hawaiian bike they had , been discontinued they said , nice even the white walls are growing on me lol...was going to put a chrome springer front end ,not sure if i can have a front brake with that set up though. I took it for a ride and it was smooth and really fun ,only thing i dont like are the handle bars come back and to the inside alittle to much for me ,but i have a set off a mountain bike i can put on later..anyway nice bike i really like the pearl metallic orange paint. Thanks for replies and have a great night.
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    I have a springer front fork that sounds like it is similar to the one you are looking at. It is drilled for mounting a front caliper brake if you want to. Of course, a drum brake is always possible.