Chrysler knows how to play tire-tool

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  1. Did ya hear what Chrysler pulled in Canada? They threatened to shut down 6 plants and terminate 8000 workers and take the jobs stateside. Canadian government offered them 4-1/2 billion to stay:grin5: Sounds like a great case of extorsion to me. I'm sure Ford was listening. I never did hear if Chrysler took the payoff or if it was a loan or handout. Anybody? Expiring minds want to know :confused:KW

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    So, not much more different than states giving foreign companies tax incentives to relocate their new plants to their areas.

    Its a cruel world out there and only the the strong will survive.
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    lets all get together a ride to walmart, so we can prop up communist china. i hear their economy is hurting.
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    Extortion? Hahaha - ever hear of a labor union and their "negotiation" tactics? :)

    The numbers I read were 2 plants and 1.6 billion, and the breaks would be offered only if the US govt bailout was passed.

    Either way, it isn't so bad. If Chrysler decides to shut the plants down, more jobs will be created here in America. If the stay in Canada, they will enjoy lower operating expenses. (and our friends, the Canadians, will keep their jobs)
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    auto industry

    Thank you Arceeguy for providing the correct info, and yes our government is waiting for the states to provide the handout first. Just suppose ours did it first,it would be impossible for Canada to sustain the auto industry on its own. Jeez I dont feel like a foreigner, thanks to whoever it was called me that! Believe me our wages in the auto sector are the same as what you Americans are getting, we don,t have cheap labour up here, we are not anywhere near like China or India or Mexico for that matter.Mac
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    Could be!!!
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    Were it only so but I'd say that is a pipedream. My guess is even with a bailout the long term health of the Big 3 is grim.

    Toyota announced yesterday they are shelving the new plant in MS indefinitely and that after already dropping $300M in the venture.
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    Maybe I should have said "created or retained". Jobs are going to be lost, whether it be a plant here in America, Canada or Mexico. A job lost in Mexico might mean a job retained or maybe even a job gained in America depending on how you do the math. The labor unions need to help the domestic plants be cost competitive with the other plants. It's gotta be pretty expensive to make something in Mexico and then ship it here to the US.

    Take the HT engine as an example. The cost to get them here cost more than the unit itself. Shouldn't it be possible for an American company to make one that sells for the same (about 100 bucks), yet have much higher quality?