Chung Yang R460 Muffler/Exaust Pipe


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May 28, 2014
I will make a video of one of my bikes next week these friction bikes with a R460 goped motor & a 66cc muffler are very quite better than the 66cc china any day. People here in st Petersburg fla
Say my bikes are on stairoaids


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Dec 30, 2020
I was riding along one day on my bike with a Chung Yang R460 motor on it and all of a sudden I heard some metal clinking sound behind me and then the Motor got really loud. I was on bridge over water a few miles so I didn't stop to see what it was. When I got home I examined the Motor and it appears that a part had fallen off. It appeared to be the Exuast Pipe or Muffler. I didn't go back looking for it since I believe it may have fallen into the water.

Does anyone know where to buy a replacement Chung Yang R460 Muffler/Exaust Pipe?
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These bikes are my main means of transportation since I have no cars or enough income to afford cars.
Try oniell brothers racing. Tell them that texas bill sent you.