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    ok i just put on a xchamber but it was runing fine then started ackting like eather it was just not geting enough gas are no spark it would idle then just die so my question is how can i check the magneto and cid.....the reason i think its that is if i let it cool over night it will run ok then when it gets good and worm it starts bogin down.... any ideals is welcom thinks

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    No check for the CDI that I know of eccept checking spark with a known good coil...around 350 ohms on the coil.
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    Hard to check the CDI except to test for spark, by laying the plug on the head. If it's working at all, chances are the CDI is OK.
    And what Ron just said. (I was typing as you were posting again.)
    Have you checked/cleaned the plug? What colour is it? You could try a substitute.
    If it's OK, I'd be looking at the carb. If it's a rich/lean problem, the plug colour should tell the story.
    (My guess is that it's rich, but that's only a guess.)
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    well it would run good then then start boging down i fig it could be droping spark.... but y would it run good then sudendly lean are run to rich if i stop it would run then die..... and its like if i ride it and stop it will idle high then i idle it down ride it it will idle high that fast.... and the screw is not moving at all could the cid are the magneto have so wierd way of causing this.... how do i check the omes
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    the bad thing is..... this is my only ride i thoult it might be the kill switch but ruled that out
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    You may be fighting a heat related intake leak. Metal, like anything else, expands when it gets hot. The leak may be small or non-existent when the engine is cold, and get worse when the engine is hot.
    In intake leak certainly would cause idling problems and a high idle speed. If it is very bad it could lean out the air/ fuel mixture to the point where the engine will die. The spark plug would be white to a silvery color. Going the other way, if the carburetor is adjusted too rich to compensate for an intake leak when cold, the mixture will be too rich when the engine is hot and that too can cause the engine to die. The spark plug would be very black if that is the case.
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    It doesn't sound like a spark-related problem to me. No ignition problem on these engines that I know of will cause a high idle.
    You still haven't mentioned what colour the plug is or if you've tried a substitute. That's the key to the mystery.

    As Gearnut says, the high idle indicates a possible lean mixture. You didn't mention a high idle in your original post. First you said it bogs down and dies when warm, then you changed and said it idles high when warm.

    You check the resistance of the magneto coil, (ohms), using an ohmmeter or digital multimeter. Measure between the blue wire and the black wire or engine ground.
    As Ron said, expect a few hundred ohms.
    Having said that, you'd be wasting your time. The coil sounds OK.
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    ok well let me clear it up a lil the plug looks fine i also put in a new one but after the will idel high after i ride it but when ut starts boging down i can fether the throtle and it will run a lil longer.....but it will eventuly die..... i am thinking of buying a new carb.... and use this one for parts and as for the intake leak i have not chanced any thing it just started out of the blue..... i have noticed a slight loss of porwer some times outher its fine and i just got the motor a couple weeks ago....
  9. AussieSteve

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    An intake leak can occur "out of the blue" if the inlet gasket fails.
    You can check for leaks by spraying carb cleaner near suspected leaks with the engine running. The revs will drop if you hit a leak. Avoid spraying in the direction of the air filter or you'll defeat the purpose.

    A new carb won't change anything.

    Are you getting good fuel flow from the tank to the carb?

    You say the plug looks fine, but exactly what colour is it? white, grey, tan, chocolate, black.

    Check out NT Carb Tuning Basics
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    well i was thinking about geting the i think its called cns carb sposed to have a beter preformance.....but i have a brand new 2strok slathead with an xchamber.....and i am about tired of the 2 stroke stuff lol but this is my every day ride......