Cities and Routes that INVITE MoBikes

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    Just to start this spot, on my March trip to Florida there was one <100 mile stretch of 4 lane to avoid on your route planning: Hwy 280 South from Childersburg to Opeilika/Auburn

    This highway, use by AU football fans is one of the notorious highways "always under construction". The shoulder would be good/then chipped glass bad.

    This was the beginning of the search for the "indestructible rear tire", because a gash at the beginning of the stretch, and the only bikeshop 80 miles "yonderways", I learned a lot about tires/tubes and made in China peices of crap pumps.

    The warning about this stretch is void IF you build your own "".

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    Central Mississippi

    Mississippi- Greenville-Indianola

    Reason: Hornhonkers. It is a divided 4 lane, wide shoulders, and on the Denver round trip, maybe once a day I would get my "heart attack moment" with a horn honker. But I am pretty quick on the draw with the one-finger salute.

    But on this particular stretch, more assholes per hour, probably 8 horn honkers in 3 hours. In the 4 future newspaper articles I did, I stressed to the reporters "Share the Road", "Be Aware MoBike is going to Increase".

    Greenville-Indianola Mississippi "Hey, you! Out of the gene pool !"
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    horn honk

    Around here a lot of those that honk also wave and smile.
    Unless you are getting the finger you should keep yours in a relaxed possion. By flipping some one off you are making all of us look bad!! crude and rude how would you like it if I flipped off one of your nuns for causing distress to my fellow solders and their families.

    There is going to be the 1 in a 100 ass hole that wants to see you jump I had an ambulance drive up behind me and hit his siren (a burp) THAT WILL MAKE U JUMP!! The truck going by that throws a beer can at you and hits you. But YOU HAVE THE ADVANTAGE you can catch them at the red light and give them back the beer can along with a boot to the door. They can not follow you down a ditch and through the woods. Then there is the trick of ball bearings if a car is trying to get to close and scare you just throw a couple ball bearings over your shoulder ( old biker tricks from a hawk). You can get metal taps put on your boots if they are to close drag the metal tip or heel and let the sparks fly (this is passive aggressive).

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    hehe, my favorite strategy when i was riding in florida: if you're blessed with some accuracy, spitting works great, noone gets hurt, the message is loud & clear, and since they can't stand looking at that gob on the window, they just HAVE to stop & wipe it off right away.

    'course, being a big guy helps deter retaliation, use the above at your own risk :twisted:

    btw-word is out that the peninsula is on a 3-year plan to expand bikelane coverage, this is gonna be a great place for a future sponsored-rally :)