Clam shell sprocket adapters?

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    Does anyone have any experience with the clam shell type sprocket adapters? I've read favorable posts on the Creative Engineering version but haven't seen anything on the Livefastmotors version or any others that may be available. It seems like this type adapter would eliminate much of the stress on the spokes vs. the standard engine kit adapter. I plan to use the Husky 12 gauge spoked rims with Shimano coaster brake. I get the impression that the Livefastmotors version could be a bit tricky to fit properly on some hubs, and what about slippage? Are there any other suppliers worth considering?
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    you better order fast Creative is going out of business as of Nov 2
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    Check with Pirate Cycles....they have them, but the size range may be limited. I would go to Jim prior to anywhere else.
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    No clams what !!

    Now freekin way:ack2:...I sell my mags and go with spoked wheels and for the last 2 days I have been emailing Creative with no respone.Now.. what Live Fast adaptor. MotoMagz with no magz:icon_cry:
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    Yes i called and spoke to Karen today order before Nov 2. Closed on Nov 15
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    Yes. It's true.

    I ordered another sprocket, and spoke to Karen also.

    Bummer. :icon_cry: Jim makes some REALLY nice hardware...
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    Manic mechanic..Creative staying open for another month at least...The "clamshell" sprocket adapters and sprockets he machines are aircraft quality parts ,custom built to extremely close tolerances...This is the first upgrade I made to my MB...actually this is not an upgrade but a necessary replacement to the chicken poop rag mount that comes with the kits...This part bolts directly to the hub and put zero stress on the centers itself to the exact center of the hub....Get these things while you can..they are not expensive
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    Thanks for all your input. With a tip from Youngbird, I called Pirate Cycles yesterday and they said they had about a hundred calm shell adapters in stock. I asked if Creative Engineering is their supplier because the pictured unit on their web site looked the same. They confirmed that Creative is their supplier. A quote from their web site: “This adapter works on the following coaster brake hubs. Micargi, Shimano CB-110, and the Shimano CB-110E. Adapters Fit Measurments that are in the range of 1.524 to 1.528. Shimano hubs say the model on the brake arm.”
    I plan to use a Shimano CB-110E so I ordered one. It comes with a 40 tooth sprocket and is $49.99.
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    I ordered by adaptor and 50 tooth sprocket last week.Jim said it would be 2 or 3 weeks which is fast for a high quality/custom made part.I will be mounting the adaptor on a set of Wheelmaster 12g 26x2.125 5/6 speed wheels purchased from Bikeworld.Front and rear shipped for $73.00.I bought a 18T single speed freewheel sprocket which threads right on.Being a 5/6 speed there is a very long axle so after regreased them (a must) I just put more of the axle on the motor side which give me plenty of chain room.

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    i got mine installed the other day. i have to say it is the best purchase ive made besides the motor kit. well worth the money and probably the best part on my bike..very nice Jim and thank you very much.:clap:
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    I got mine yesterday and made time to install(3" of rain). I'll give it a ride today but it toke all the chain hop out and is a beautiful piece of machining. Thanks Jim.

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