Clam Shell Sprocket mount



Ok, after some trial and error issues I have the the clam shell adapter mounted to my rear coaster wheel. It is very smooth and seems to work well. Here are the issues I had.
1. To clear the dust cover I had to lathe the piece of aluminum that connects to the sprocket.
I will call Live fast and tell them that it doesn't quite clear it for future manufacturing.
2. The bolt that runs through the hub on the wheel, has to be 7 inches or more, some come with 6 inches and mine wasn't long enough, so I bought a new wheel.
3. you have to use the live fast sprocket, the smallest is 40 tooth. I bet if you send King sales and services your clam shell they could make a custom job of better quality.
4. A spacer is required on the right side of the rear wheel to center the wheel, I used a washer that usually is next to the coaster arm, worked good.

I say all this cause it doesnt come with instructions so there you go. I will keep riding and let you know if I have any problems after some miles. I hit 32 mph today and had no problems

Here are some picks


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Thanks for the report, Stryker. Disappointing that it doesn't work with just any old 9hole sprocket. Do the holes simply not line up? Do you have to put any kind of liner or goo between the clamp and the hub?

Edit: If its not too much trouble, could you get a photo from the sprocket end, so I could get an idea about the dustcover problem?
I will take a photo when I adjust the coaster brake in the next couple of days. Surprisingly the 2 half shells that clamp around the hub stay put even before you get them snug. I actually had to loosen them while attaching the sprocket to line everything up.
I just installed the LF Sprocket Hub Mount (ClamShell.) I also had an issue with the hole alignment. I decided to drill the mounting holes. Surprisingly, it wasn't as hard as I thought. I of course practiced on my girlfriends skyliner using the stock sprocket.


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