Clarkston, Ga. to Atlanta Centennial Park

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    I don't see very many updates in the Travel section so here goes may ride report.

    I had a great ride today from Clarkston to Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta. My Full Suspension bike and Staton Robin 35cc friction drive performed great! On the way there I reached back and picked the motor up off the back tire and cruised down the Stone Mountain-Decatur bike trail for awhile. When I was ready to use the motor again I just put it back down, its really great having no resistance and no clutch or chain noise like my HT bike when the engine is off.

    I always get stares when riding the bike, I was riding through Virginia Highlands and a guy yelled out "Hey thats cool right there man, that's real cool!". About a week ago a lady in a Mercedes CLK open convertible paced me and yelled "Very Nice Bike"!

    I have to mention the smooth riding comfort of having rear suspension. Small bumps, large bumps, sharp jolting bumps, long undulating surfaces are all easily soaked up by the rear suspension of my simple inexpensive dual suspension mountain bike. Its really useful for me to be able to adjust the preload stiffness of the rear shock which makes a big differences in the ride quality. I usually have it adjusted out for a nice soft setting, but too soft will bottom out over speed humps! Too firm and it will top out on bumps and lift the back tire in sharp turns causing it to have a rear tire chatter skip over bumps. My interest in motorcycle suspension adjustments in the past really helps understand all that technical suspension stuff.

    I ride pretty slow these days and just enjoy being on such a cool machine, usually cruise with the robin engine at like 40% throttle. Feels like 15-20mph.

    It was really beautiful at Centennial Park today, there was like 100 kids in the water jet fountains!! I enjoyed a quick bite to eat and relaxed in the park for awhile.

    On the way back I stopped by a new friend I made with the bike who owns a bike shop, he's really impressed with how smooth and quiet the robin engine is!

    Overall it was another flawless ride with the 4stroke friction and it must have been like 30miles I think that I rode today. I downloaded a bicycle app that records speed, miles,... but I totally forgot about it due to having so much fun enjoying the freedom of riding!
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    Three of us from our riding group have been talking about a ride from Senoia Ga to Pine Mountain, we haven't mapped out the route yet but would be close to 40 miles one way. We may have the wives drive the truck and trailer down with a picnic lunch and meet us at the park.
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    Sounds like fun, I'm very familiar with Fayetteville north of that area.