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    Starting a newsletter for vintage bicycle enthusiasts. Feature articles will include pre and postwar bicycles and motorized bicycles, collections, company histories, recent discoveries, and museum visits and much more!
    Our home page is up and running! You can subscribe via Pay Pal or printable form and mail in. Our first edition will go out January 2009!! Help us grow and share the news. We want to hear from you! Reader contributions will be featured in The Squeeky Wheel section of CBN.
    We also offer free classifieds to our subscribers, but you have to be a subscriber, so get in now and take advantage of free classifieds. The first issue will go out January of 2009.

    Check it out here!

  2. Mountainman

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    that looks very cool
    wishing you much success
    looking forward to signing up

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  3. s_beaudry

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    Very nice bringing respect to thhe roots of where this all started!
  4. Classicriders

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    Thanks guys! We are fortunate enough to have copies of most of all the original newsletters in our archive. Going back to 1982!! There were some really great articles and stories in those old newsletters.
    Some of the motorized bike articles that we plan on featuring in the Pedals Past section include the Dyna Cycle and the American Brake Shoe Motorbike for starters.
    This newsletter will bicycles and motorized bicycles as well. We have some fantastic articles on some of the old motor wheels like Dayton, Smith, Merkel, and more!