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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mark2yahu, Aug 3, 2008.

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    I was riding home on 25mph residential streets, making a right turn. A pickup turned left into the same street I went into. He was behind me.
    Then, I hand-signaled a left turn, and was starting to lean into it. I heard the **s**le floor it, and passed me on the left lane. Had I kept leaning into the left turn, I would have hit the side of the truck. I'd say he had it going at 50mph. All this just 100 feet from home. I should have followed the truck onto his driveway, because he lives about the same distance to his place. What would you've done? And then along the way, two kids thought it would be neat to start walking on the middle of the street and demand that I stop, so they can interrogate me and the bike I was riding. What would you've done?
    If I stop and confront, chances are, I'd lose my temper and you know the quantum possibilities.
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  2. SirJakesus

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    Go down to your local gravel quarry and order/prepay for 4+ tons of fine gravel or sand to be dumped in your (his) driveway on a day you know nobody will be home. Then sit out on a lawn chair with a drink and some tunes and chuckle quietly to yourself when you see him blazing back down the road in his rush to get home. This kind of time waster is what needs to be done to all people who are in so much of a rush that they don't take others safety into consideration. He'll be shoveling that carp for weeks at least.
  3. stringer

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    Thats a good one SJ. But it will require payment and to show up in person. Your'e just asking for trouble there.

    Get on a library computer and put an ad on craigslist or something detailing an elaborate open party for transexuals at that persons address. Perhaps an Olympic opening day party on 08/08/08. You might even go so far as to plant a couple small pointer signs in the neighborhood like you see for garage sales.

    Please report back to us and let us know how it goes. Good luck and God Speed.
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    I must say I'm perhaps a little oversensitive to being bullied, and it's hard not to react with a hand gesture, at least. But then, that can trigger an escalation. While I always carry some kind of "equalizing" device, in case of a need for self defense...I mean, in case I ever need to open something rapped in that bomb-proof plastic... I hope this will never happen.

    Yet, having responded with a cool head, and not provoked the guy at the time -- the wise choice, I think -- I would, perhaps like you, be tormented a bit with a bully having gotten away with his life threatening recklessness. I would likely be unable to surrender the idea that some response is called for.

    You might read some Edgar Allen Poe for inspiration, and the likes of the following for specific techniques:

    reviewed here:

    If nothing else, having specific information, and a viable plan helps calm indignant nerves, so one may make a more cool headed decision about what, if anything, is called for or if turning the other cheek is better--this time.

    I read a book like this about 20 years ago, and laughed my way through devising a detailed plan that I never carried out.


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    Something harmless....yes, I see where to go with this ;)
    Remember that series of "get even" books? We should make one up for MBc'ers :lol:
    Calgary, that book is on my wish list, heheh.
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    You sound angry and I don't blame you but "getting even" just puts you on his level. Cyclist must always be on guard for pin heads and just plain incompetent drivers because if we ever occupy the same space, we will loose big. You've learned a valuable lesson at the cost of only a pair of soiled nickers. Never think any driver will do what you expect, if they are close enough to pass you on a left hand turn, pull right and let them go. "He Was Right" ain't much of an epitaph.
  7. KilroyCD

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    Being a moderator I shouldn't really join in and suggest something unethical, but if I was in your shoes I'd have some bumper stickers made up that say "I'm an Idiot Driver" (or something similar - there are companies that will make just about anything you want). Anytime this guy or any other local cager does something stupid, discretely place one of the stickers on his/her bumper. Do it at night or when nobody is around.
    Of course, you didn't hear this from me... :lol::lol::lol:
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    The bumper sticker is a good idea. I didn't hear anything :)

    Kerf, anger is a normal reaction. There are far too many bikers, cyclists, and others similiar who've been hurt or killed by drivers with actual bad intent.
  9. Skyliner70cc

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    I personally love the suggestion of having several tons of gravel dumped in his driveway!

    Here are some more ways you can get even:

    1. Sprinkle rock salt on his green lawn grass in a design that spells your favorite expletive.

    2. Put craigslist ad for free sensual g_y massage. Make sure you post their phone number on the website.

    3. Mail your dog's lawn presents to him at his workplace.

    4. Superglue windshied wiper blade onto the glass (use fresh superglue from hobby shop..use the thin stuff)

    5. Get prank envelopes and address in his name/address with stamp but place envelope in all of his neighbor's mailboxes forcing them to give him his misdelivered mail in person. I recommend the envelope labeled from the compulsive "self-gratification" assistance group.

    Sorry, my dark side just came out and I was having fun with this post. Sorry to hear about a rude cager.
  10. Skyliner70cc

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  11. stringer

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    #5 is a good one!!

    However, I beleive it's a federal offense so I will let someone else try it, and enjoy it vicariously through them.
  12. mac66

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    I heard a story once that goes something like this....

    A quiet neighborhood was disrupted when a young man came of age and bought a loud, souped up car. This young man would race up and down the street dangerously and squeal his tires at all hours of the night. He put the safety of the children at risk and destroyed the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

    Several neighbors complained to the kid and his parents. They were rewarded with lawn jobs (grass all torn up by tires). They went to the police who could do nothing unless they saw the offense.

    Fate eventually stepped in however. Apparently, the kid had run over some type of animal and it had gotten caught up in the undercarriage. After cooking for awhile the smell was so bad and so permeated the interior of the car that it could not be cleaned and was eventually sold/scrapped. It and it's owner never terrorized the neighborhood again.

    I heard a rumor years later, that the "dead animal" had actually been a neighbor. Apparently the guy had run a trap line in his youth and had used concentrated animal lure/scent/urine purchased from a trapping supply company. He apparently squirted it into vents on the outside and into the car using a syringe through the rubber window seals.

    "And they all lived happily ever after". The End
  13. smitty

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    How about stuffing a potato in his exhaust pipe? Use a stick to push it far enough it can't be seen. If the exhaust can't get out, the fuel mix can't get in. No real damage, and eventually, if he keeps trying to start it, the potato will get blown out. But wait some time first so he's less likely to associate the prank to you.
  14. BSA

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    Well, two wrongs don't make a rite, but it don't half give you a good laugh:D

  15. Me? I would have pulled up in his driveway and asked the driver if he realized how close he came to hitting me especially if he's a neighbor.
    I wave at all my neighbors. Some don't wave back. That's okay but when they endanger me,that is not okay.
  16. beach cruzin

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    well large i wuld just go tell him what a pr*ck he is for trying to kill you and leav it at that. revenge is not good for the carma. LOL there are a few folks around here that we excange hand gestures on a regluar bases some peps are just that way and will never change.
  17. mark2yahu

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    ooh, yeah! ROFL!
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    Remind me not to incur the wrath of forum members, you guys can be really nasty.
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    Kerf, I resemble that remark. Actually, I think up a lot of crazy stuff but my better half (my wife) won't let me so in the end, I'm pretty much a dreamer :)
  20. kerf

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    Sometimes dreaming is better than doing.