Classic Terratrike ready for the 'Look At The Flowers' tour!

This time last year I was planning my gutting of my tadpole, to fit my fatbike with a BBS02. Ran the hell out of it last year.
Wife wasn't doing so good.

What a difference a year makes, she's healthy, and asking if her trike ready to go. Said I have to ride a trike to, thats our thing (pouty face).

So, I pouted up a Bafang 48V500W rear hub and bought it.
Its pretty peppy. It cruises up to 25mph pretty fast. Its more a greenway and park and country road cruiser, not a street runner.


It won't be as versatile as the 7x3 hub on a middrive. It'll be easy. And a lot less chain wear, for a chain 3 chains long thats big.

I think I'm gonna like the change. I forgot how nice it was to kick back and ride.