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  1. rom8v38and39

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    I'm Claus and I want a motorized bicycle or maybe a tricycle. Just something to toot around on just for the fun of it.

    Money is tight so I'll lurking and mining ideas trying to design the best build for me.


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    Lots of good info and help to be found here.

    For a tight budget, a Huffy Cranbrook and a 2 cycle motor and kit can be put together for under $300. That's not the end of the story, though. You will need to get to know your bike and do a lot of tinkering to keep it in running shape. It's truly a labor of love. But you'll be among folks who understand and are semi-slaves to our bikes, too.

    Good luck and have fun.
  3. Hello Moto!

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    That's for sure!
  4. 45u

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    Welcome to the forum. These things are a blast but as others have said you have to keep on top of them.
  5. Steve Best

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    Hmmm, white beard, red shirt. Are you Santa, Claus?

    I am having a great time on mine Claus. jump in, the water's warm!

  6. Welcome aboard Claus,
    This is a great forum and for the larger part are very knowledgeable. I am certain you will get good advise here.
    Tom from Rubicon,WI