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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by graucho, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. graucho

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    Well, ive done it again. Spring cleaned myself out of all of my toys. Yup, all I have left is the silver beast, a schwinn 21 speed peddal bike, and a few engines laying around. I felt depressed for a few hrs after watching 3 mini choppers and a motered bike getting trailered away. Im always sad for a little while but then the excitement starts to build as this new years creations start flashing visions in my mind.

    Does anyone else get rid of projects yearly and make room for a new batch of fun? This year I think ill concentrate on the motored bikes and drivetrain systems. No, I dont know squat about MB drive trains. Maybe thats why I want to fool with them.

  2. Meer123

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    Gaucho - so, what projects have you busy nowadays ? You have the space and time now - right ? I have 2 two-strokes right now and am thinking about doing an "electric" project bike (likely a hub motor) but I too need to clear the slate so I'll be selling one (at least) or two of my current motorized rides to help make room and subsidize the project - anyone out there interested in a 50cc powered MTB ? ... it's old and basic but it's also fully functional and NOT a basketcase ... write me
  3. graucho

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    Sounds like your busy too. Yes, you have to make room. Try selling the 50cc in the buy sell or trade?
    Im moving on to the rear mounts for a few months, then learning about the MBRA (racing 48cc and under) Also educating myself about electric bikes. Also Working on my hydrogen fuel cell powered bike. Id like to hear what everyone has going on this summer......