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I did a search and could not find any other topics about this.
how do you guys clean your bike and engine, or do you not worry about it.
I'm thinking about using some simple green, and just try to keep the carb dry.
Any thing else i should try to keep dry
I agree that using simple green to clean with is a good choice, it definitely cleans grease and oil very well and environmently friendly. I use it in my parts washer. As far as keeping things dry besides the carb I would suggest keeping the CDI as dry as possible, if wet it could cause spark loose. Also make sure that all electric connectors stay dry, if they are not enclosed in heat shrink tubing, or least dry them well.
I was just looking where this thread is, and I believe it should be in general discussion.
Just my thoughts
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Another thought is to use Di-Electric Grease on the CDI and all electric connections along with the spark plug connection boot. It can be found at most hardware stores.
Di-Electric Grease provides electrical protection in extreme conditions, repels moisture, rust, road salt, dirt and oil
Excellent post/thread here! Um I would treat it as I would any other motored two wheeler- Here's the instructions from my Whizzer manual... Should be close right?

(1) Remove dirt and mud from motoredbike with running water. You may use a soft sponge or brush. Do not use hard materials which can scratch the paint

(2) Wash the entire motoredbike with a mild detergent or car wash soap using a sponge or soft cloth. The sponge or cloth should be frequently soaked in the soap solution.

Note: Avoid spraying or allowing water to flow over the following places:
* Ignition switch
*Spark Plug
*Fuel Tank Cap

(3) Once the dirt has been completely removed, rinse off the detergent with running water.

(4)After rinsing, wipe off motorbike with a wet chamois or cloth and allow it to dry in the shade.

(5)Check carefully for damage to painted surfaces.

Also thanks for the Di-electric suggestion. I knew that but hadn't even thought of it, I'm gonna go get some and take care of business!!!

Hopefully this has been of some help...?