Clocked on Radar at 17

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  1. Was out riding yesterday here in Sebastian FL. Great weather for a change so I am just tooling around still breaking my engine in. I ride to my sisters house about 3 miles away, and on the way I'm riding down a long residential road known for speeding and I come up on the local PD from behind to see him hidden in the bushes shooting radar up the street. First sighting for me seeing them on my MB as well as them seeing me. Well I ride by and get to my street and look back and hes still there relieved I turn in. About 1/2 an hour later I leave headed back the same way. Well I get up near him and he flashes the lights, just headlights, so I kill the engine and coast over. He rolls down the window and asks me "do you have any idea how fast you were going" looking and sounding really serious. I tell him I believe it was around 15:grin:(in a 35mph zone). "No you were going 17" was his reply as he smiled at me. Asked me a few question about what I was riding, where i got it, MPG, etc. spoke for a few minutes then the gun goes off 42 in a 35 and hes gone.. Looks like I am ok here at least with part of the force....

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    That's cool. There are some cool cops around. I've had run-ins with bad ones and good ones. The good ones seem to outnumber the bad.
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    Nice! Thats the kinda guys we need on our side.

    I had a Mesa, AZ PD cruiser drive right past me yesterday while I was cruising along at around 20mph. He passed me then I pulled up to a red light alongside him. Didn't even acknowledge I was there. So far, so good here.
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    Where in Mesa, Datz? I ride mostly north/south in the Val Vista area, to/from work.
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    Sorry to disagree, just because he might have scared the C R A P out of someone flashing his lights like that and didn't arrest the rider doesn't mean he isn't a corrupt, lying gangster. The best thing would have been to just ignore him. You weren't doing anything wrong. Do you ride up to every single person who flips their lights on and off? Did you feel privileged that he didn't read you the riot act although the cop was manipulating through his position? He obviously thought he would have power over you by means of intimidation. Then he must of thought how cool he was to appear as a "good guy" but in charge. That same cop might have reacted differently if you had ignored him as they think they are little Gods and run the streets (semi-state Marshall law we are still in). Most cops like to throw their weight around and then when they appear to act in a humane way, they think they're doing you a big favor. I would have got his badge number and asked him what his problem was. None of them can be trusted, NONE. I hear it all the time, people saying they know a retired cop or someone's sister's husband is a cop, etc. There is one ongoing, constant theme that is told to me by many people when they learn of the trumped-up charges brought against me by the corrupt Nazisdale police and ASSistant prosecutor. They tell of police forces FULL of corruption, corruption that if prosecuted would result in years behind bars for the perpetrators. It's unfortunate when a person has more fear of the cops than the criminals in their city. Most cops are just criminals allowed to carry a gun and do their acts that serves their purpose, upon the innocent.
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    I'm in the Power/McKellips area. I was out for a long ride, riding north on Greenfield when I saw Mesa PD cruiser pass me and then caught back up to him at the light at Greenfield/McDowell.

    I've seen a few other motored bikers in the area since I started riding mine. Saw someone turning south onto Power from McKellips a few days ago while I was in my car. I also went riding with Lennyharp from the board here a few days ago as well. He's in the central Mesa area.
  7. Yea this is a very small town, and hopefully this is a good sign of how they will recieve motor assisted bicycles...
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    Torques, I know that you've had bad experiences with that cop in Scottsdale, but, that doesn't mean that they're all bad.
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    Who cares about the small minority that are so-called "good". I don't give a C R A P about them. They are NOT the ones we need to be concerned about and take action against. The cops don't need ANY defense.
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    I'm making the assumption that this particular officer was wanting to pick at the rider and was more curious to get a closer look at what was going on.

    After 2 arrest (which both times charges were dropped, blood test came back below legal and 0.0 once), I certainly have no love for the police that do not believe me when I tell them I have a hearing/speech impairment. Furthermore, these arrest will stay on my record, although no charges are on my record.

    It does seem to me, this cop was having fun with the rider. I can handle that...abuse power for harmless amusement...nothing more intended. I can do this at my work place... especially when the little women are cute! :evil:
  11. I dont believe he was harrassing me. I believe the above, I think he was just curious, possibly even bored, Memorial Day, small town. He just flashed his headlights like a motorist would do to get my attention. But as Torques stated I was somewhat intimidated when he asked me if I knew how fast I was going. You never know with cops when they are joking or not, sometimes till its too late.