Close to Winter.. s#cks for my engine :(

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adrian101, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Okay, Does anybody have a special way of warming up their engine in winter time because my engine is a slug to start during winter.

    It take's about 10 minutes to warm it up sitting in idle. If i dont warm it up all it does is bog down. :( Never has this problem in summer lol

    Its 8.1°C where i'm located now in Australia (46.4°F) and i have to leave for work around 5am. I know it may not seem cold to some on this forum as they get snow and freezing temps but gezz its cold lol

    What are the ways you guy warm up your engine on really cold days?
    Any tips like a warming blanket or something in that area?

    I have a HT engine.
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    May not be good for a engine, personally I don't care, I can always rebuild or buy a new one. I have 30% use of my heart and I'm NOT going to peddle much to start it..I start it within the length of a small car (Miata). With that said, I drill a small hole in the right side (choke and pickle side) of the air cleaner, and will spray it a very short spray burst with either starting fluid or throttle body cleaner... the cleaner is my preferred choice, as that is what you use in a engine to clean the valve body or carburetor. Been doing it since my first build (3/2009), has not caused me any adverse effects. It gets below 0C here...Lowest on record is -32.8C
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    I was riding last September before my frame broke, and I always rode in temps that cold or a little colder. I didn't idle to warm it up, I just rode lighter until it was warmed up-- about ten minutes into the ride I could ride at more aggressive speeds just fine.

    it was a LITTLE hard to start (I park outside, not in a garage), but I lived on a steep enough hill that starting wasn't strenuous (though sometimes it took a block or two)
  4. the starting fluid is a very good idea. i have had to do that a few times myself. works good. and you can just spray it in through your air cleaner/filter although it may fade out the color of the filter, like it did mine. about a 2 second burst is all you need. another thing you can try is a hair dryer. before i even thought of the starting fluid i was using a hair dryer. i got the bike to start on days where it was 15 below zero F. i would just blow the warm air through the carb and also sometimes i would take the spark plug out and heat up the cylinder. i would also heat up the cdi box. after you get the bike started and while its warming up, twist your idle screw in a bit to raise the idle. also keep giving it light revs and gradually open the choke. it should be ready to go within 2-4 minutes, no matter how cold it is. also a hotter spark plug works better in cold temperatures too. say a NGK b5hs or equivalent. and also a richer gas to air mixture will make it run and start better in cold temps. get a size bigger jet, and or lower your needle clip down a notch. that will help also. hope that helps. but really if anything get a can of starting fluid. it makes things so easy you'll want to use it everytime you start her up! haha