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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by darwin, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. darwin

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    On Statons site theres a cloud nine seat and it has the old style clamp that grabs around the seat post to tighten it. My seat post attaches by clamping down on 2 thick wire frame supports. Will this seat work with my style seat post clamp. TIA............gonna get me that 96oz gas tank too i'll be able to drive to chicago w/o refilling up lol.

  2. professor

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    No, the seat and post need to be matched. By the way, I love the Cloud 9 seats.
  3. darwin

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    Thanks you saved me from having to return it. It looked to me if you removed the new clamp it might work.
  4. I bought a cloud 9 seat from my local bike shop last week for 50.00....Its a great seat,the only problem is it rained here yesterday and the seat is soaked....It holds the water in and will probley take a few days to dry out....How much is staton selling there cloud 9 seats for????
  5. MikeJ

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    I've ridden on my Cloud 9 seat for many hundreds of miles. Very comfortable. Never had any stiffness to spine after any multi-hour rides.

  6. Went out a hour ago and rode my Bike and the set wasent wet anymore....I guess it doesnt hold the water in it like I thought....Man im happy about that....

  7. Bob Mac

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    cloud 9 seat clamp

    You can buy the clamp to match your seat post for the cloud 9. The clamp is about $3.00