Clues for the identity of the Anti-christ

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    Did any candidate from Zip code 60606 win any election on the same night that the winning evening lottery number for that state was 666?

    Has any candidate born on August 4th, day #216 (which is the sum of 6X6X6) win any presidential election?

    Most people are aware that the number of Antichrist is 666.

    Here are the odds of these falling on one individual:

    365 days X 999 (days in a year times possible lottery combinations) = 364635 to one.
    Total # of Zip codes- 42,000 X 364635 = 15,314,670,000 to one.

    216 days times 15,314,670,000= 3,307,968,720,000 (over 3.3 trillion) to one.
    (notice that if you eliminate the decimal point, the number becomes the highest occultic number which is- 33)

    There is more.
    The book of Daniel states the coming one would seek to change the times and laws.

    Did any candidate ever run on a platform of CHANGE?

    Has any candidate winner been changing laws?

    Has any candidate winner changed the time he celebrated Hanukkah for himself? (2011 Hanukkah was celebrated 13 days early in the white house)

    The bible states the false messiah would be a "Mouth speaking great things"
    does anyone fit that description?

    Has any candidates' name meant, "He with us" in an African language, in the same way as Jesus' name Emanuel mans "God with us"?

    There is much more, these are the most obvious "Clues".

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    People think O is the son of the Kenyan. He is not.
    Go to youtube and look for: phil valentine obama malcolm X.

    Phil make an airtight case, in my opinion.
    Phil is an occultist and he certainly is not discerning the identity of the false messiah.

    Here is why it is important about who the real father of O is:
    Antichrist (meaning against and in place of) is a usurper (a familiar word these days) to the position of Christ.

    People thought Jesus was the son of Joe. He was not.
    People think O is the son of the Kenyan. He is not.

    The father of Jesus was God most High.
    The father of O was a Moslem communist.

    In the narrative of Jesus life, there is a span of time blank until He was about 12 and was located in the Temple. Afterward, another blank span until He began His public ministry.
    In the life of O, there is a span of time that is blank until he was in grade school in Indonesia, afterward there is a span of time which is blank until his bid for the Senate.

    In the life of Jesus, there was a controversy about His place of birth.
    There is a controversy in the life of O over his place of birth
    Jesus is our "Advocate" - this mean" Lawyer" and before becoming advocate, Jesus was an expert in Jewish law.
    O supposedly studied law (although no records are released and nearly no one remembers him at college) and his law degree was revoked.

    After the beginning of Jesus ministry, He was filled with the Holy Spirit.

    After the beginning of the rule of Antichrist, he will be filled (possessed) by the power of satan.
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    Why is it that Americans "appear" to be so engrossed in an overly committed attitude to religion.
    In American politics, you can't get anywhere unless expressing (at least on the exterior) a drum beating, soap box; almost fanatical style of commitment to the bible, not to say that's it's any different in other countries, with some fanatically committed to their version of religion.

    C'mon, it's 2012, time to get into the spirit of "Mayan" end of world hysteria - the bible is yesterdays news.
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    I had to check this out before posting: The 6,606 verse of the bible has the first mention of the name Barak.

    In an African dialect, the name O -ba - ma means "He with us". Apparently a mimic of the name Emanuel, which means God with us, one of the titles or names of Jesus.

    Barack is also the name of the white horse Mohamed supposedly rode to heaven and back.
    A white horse is also the mascot of the Denver broncos - the place where O had a duplicate of the facade of the temple of Zeus made for his acceptance speech ( I think that was the occasion).
    Zeus is satan.
    Note, that like Hitler before him, O was greeted as a messianic figure when he was (campaigning?) in Germany. The temple of Zeus is in Germany (having been moved there a century or so ago).
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    The basis of this investigation has also to do with the nature of reality.

    All true "Science" (as opposed to much of what passes for science today- which is religion with a cheap makeover) is the quest for truth.

    Sr. Isaac Newton, after developing various foundations of science, spent a similar amount of time investigating the book of Daniel to determine when Jesus Messiah would return.
    Because he believed scripture, he foresaw the return of the Jewish people to Israel. An event unprecedented in history, even their ancient language was restored- in fulfillment of prophecy.
    Approximately one third of the the bible is prophecy.

    Prophecy fulfilled is the signature of divinity on that book.

    We have a bunch of prophecies about the false messiah.

    We have Israel back in their own land as a sovereign nation (after 26 hundred years)- a necessary preclusion the the appearance of false messiah, (then the real one who destroys the false.)

    We have the world pop. at (interestingly) God's # 7.

    We have earthquakes and natural disasters on exponential curve. Have you noticed?

    We have the moslem world and their satanic hatred of Jewish and Christians poised for war (enabled greatly by O's removal of secular dictators and replaced by the Muslim brotherhood fundamentalists). The last wars involve attempts against Israel.

    We have the most anti-biblical president in history covertly aligning with the enemies of Israel.

    We have the Mayan calendar as a tool for deception and fear mongering.

    We have 4 Hollywood flicks in the last couple of years showing people being sucked up into ufos. Ahh, the false explanation of the catching away,

    Interesting how three decades ago, Len. Nimory did a video (it is on Youtube) pegging the end of that calendar in December 2011. Wonder why it got bumped away a year.

    We really have a choice here, about the nature of reality.

    Very powerful forces are arrayed around that question.
    We are not in a film theater watching a play. We are the cast.

    It would be very wise- right now- to pray to the Director to show ourselves His truth.