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    Is this where you are supposed to introduce yourself? Never been in a forum before! Whats a thread, LOL? :laugh4: I really don't like this stuff. I'm a n ol cali surfer, tryin to put together a bike, so I decided to join this forum to get some help and hints and tricks on how to build and maintain theses bikes. I'm not really mechanically inclinded, I can buildd you a road, a house and a computer to put in it but mechanically i'm lacking. So all input would be apprecited. BTW, I guess I should let you'all know i'm an injured man to, broke my neck in a car wreck. Yep, thats right I can still ride a bike. It's modified a bit with "APE" handle bars, and suspension seat. ok, thats me. O 1more thing, I landed on my head so I have some cognitive Spelling so cut me some slack since I can't find the spell checker here. What would be cool is to find a fellow bike builder that has a web cam. Then via Yahoo or MSN we can cummunicate via streaming video. Compare bikes and exchange ideas.

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    Hi Ron, glad you found us.

    Being not-perfectly mechanically inclined shouldn't really be a big problem for you. These installs are really not all that complicated.

    If you are still waiting on an engine, then this is the time to read as much as you can. It'll give you a lot of info that will be useful when installing.

    You just posted an intro and I'm posting an answer. Your intro, my answer and those answers that follow are all part of one "thread". Up at the top of the page you'll find a few icons to click on. One, for instance, is labelled "New Posts". If you click on that, then you'll see a list of threads. Click on whichever ones sound interesting and you'll fairly quickly learn a lot about MBs and about navigating around the forum.

    So good luck and have fun.
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    thanks for your imput Blue, i'm already confused. two many choices. Raw or Dax or 2 stroke or 4 , 44 t sprocket or 50, phase 2 carb? Type of throttle/clutch, I have grib shifters! Where do I put the throttle/clutch? Any sugestions? PLEASE lol
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    You'll have to get rid of the grip shifters. Or at least change over so that only the left shifter is operational (rear derraileur). I can't think of any other way to use them. But switching to lever type shifters isn't any big deal.

    And it wouldn't really be right for me to recommend a particular engine or drive sprocket.
    I could tell you which ones I use and like. But what works for me might or might not work for you.

    But reading these posts will help you to make your own decision. You'll get a notion of the strengths and weaknesses of the various engines and drivetrains. And you'll feel more secure in your eventual decision.

    One possibly helpful piece of info: when you see the term "happy time" (or HT), they're talking about a two stroke, frame mount engine.
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    hi Ron -- welcome guy

    noticed that you can build many other THINGS

    so please don't stress one little bit about building a motor bike

    and with your injuries noted --

    a motor bike should be JUST what the doctor ordered

    giving you a little break as you cruz along enjoying the sights

    many here to give you a helping hand as needed

    build that motor bike THING and have much fun as you

    ride that THING
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    Well put blue.

    Hi Ron welcome to the group. Good points by bluegoatwoods above.
    You have to get a little personal and tell us how much you want to spend.
    There are guys here (me included) who have a total of 160.00 total cost
    between bike and engine kit. Also those who have 2500.00 sunk into there
    set up.

    Do you want the engine between your legs? (V mount, 2 stroke. Pedal and pop the clutch to start it)
    Or do you want the engine behind you? (Rackmount, 2 or 4 stroke with pull start, with
    either a belt drive/chain drive/friction drive)

    Ive found the best way to get started is to get an idea of how much you
    want to spend then go to the Picture Gallery of the site and look through a
    few hundred photos and see if the
    bike set up you love is in your price range. Just keep reading and snooping around and
    a certain set up will catch your eye. Sometimes its better to save up for a few months
    to get a better set up. Its your call in the end. And were here for you when you get a
    little more zero'd in. :shifty2:
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    Hi Mountianman, I understand where in the same neck of the woods. Are you an accomplished rider/builder? I'm gettin some strange feedback; like all these 2 strokes leak and blow hot oil all over the place! Any ideas on how to save my grip shifters and still put on a clutch/throtle? Just had them replaced and new cabels and derailer! Being injured I don't want an engine that I have to keep meesin with and constantly adjusting. So far all I know is the RAW and DAX. Don't know which is best. Both around $150. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    mmmm I got a reply from a guy stating he had grip shifters also with a lever for the clutch/throttle. I am assuming that there is no real throttle just the lever that engages the engine? I'm waiting for a reply now to verify. Thanks for info. What engine do you use? Does it leak? 2 or 4 stroke? Happytime is another manufacturer?

  9. rlsdsurfer

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    Hey Graucho, thanx of rthe reply. I think I wanna go 4 stroke but I don't now if I have the room to mount it V style, (preferred), on my Hardrock Specialzed MTN bike. I've been trying to get a neccessary height messurement on th e RAW 2 stroke to see if it will fit. I know th e4 stroke is even bigger. So I will probably end up with the 2 stroke. I just put 175 in it for new grip shifters, extened new cabels all around and a new derailer. I need to keep my grip shifters. Some one has told me they have the same setup and it works fine, just neeed to get some details. Being injured and on a fixed income cost is the determining factor, next to saftey. One wreck in my life is enough than you. Graucho, are you a builder/rider also? Is everyone a builder rider lol.

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  10. bluegoatwoods

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    Thinking about it, I might have been hasty saying that the grip shifters must go. A thumb operated lever throttle would certainly seem to be possible. Like the ones that quads have.

    And one thing that I feel that I can say; I have two Dax 49cc motors and I've been entirely happy with them. He also seems to have a fine reputation around here.
    Many people sing his praises. I think I remember one guy who had a complaint, but he wasn't very convincing.
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    Thanx for the input Blue. I'm still determining if the lever clutch will work, if it is the throttle also, and if it comes with the DAX or RAW engine gets. Your happy with two DAX engines. How long, how many hours, leaks, realiability, service? BTW, do most people service there own bikes? Are these engnes that simple to trouble shot? I'm mechanically challeanged lol, and I have some injury issues. Don't really want something i'm going to constantly be tinkering with. DAX is having a sale to F8O 2 stroke $139.00 and 10% for MB members. Do you know this kit Blue. I also need to get extended cabels from whoever I get the kit from. I have APE handles bars so I can sit upcan't lean over well since I busted my neck. You think DAX would accomadate a speciel order like that?

  12. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, these engines are that simple. I've never opened one up myself. but sooner or later I will. A lot of the members here rebuild their own. There's not much choice for that matter; motorbike mechanics are about as common as hen's teeth.

    Reliability has been no issue at all for me. I bought mine back in the spring. I was riding in late April. I used it as my primary transportation all summer. (parked my car and hardly started it all summer. a bit of a mistake; it's now all stiff and sore. I have to drive it around the neighborhood to get the brakes, for instance, working smoothly. I'm still working on that.) during that time my 14 yr old daughter was using it as well for her paper route. It came back every time just fine. Once or twice there was an issue, but never anything serious.

    this all sounds pretty optimistic. I'd better throw in a disclaimer; these happy times are not Cadillac quality. I think that there are a few lemons every here and there. I don't give it a lot of worry because costs are so low that I figure I can afford to get burnt every now and then. But the lemon factor is probably one very good reason to go with a vendor with a good reputation. It still won't be easy; as a newbie you might not be sure if the engine that shows up at your door is a lemon or not. I don't know how to advise you on that other than to communicate your concern to the vendor as quicly and accurately as possible and to listen to, and act on, his advice as well as you can. Those vendors here who are upstanding are definitely not out to sell you garbage. But if they are dealing with a warranty matter they are justified if they wish to have a clear idea of just what is wrong.

    I don't know (but I believe) that some of the e-bay vendors will send you carp and let you drown with it. That's "some of the e-bay vendors". Probably not all of them. but I don't know how to separate the sheep from the goats.

    As for cables; I've found a way to splice cables together. With this, you can make them any length you want. I wish I had a working camera; I could post photos that would make it all clear. Sometime in the next 24-48 hours I'll send you a private message with a description. Hopefully I can give the right idea in words. But even if not, this is only a minor matter; somehow or other you'll be able to get the cables you need.

    You've mentioned that you've been injured. If, for instance, your hands aren't working as well as you'd like this might make your whole project more difficult than we'd all like.
    It might be that you'll have to hire help. but if you find someone with just a bit of brains and the ability to work with tools, then you ought to be able to get everything done without many headaches at all.

    I hope I've answered all of your questions. Now I'm having trouble remembering all of them. But if not, I'll come back.