Clutch clutch adjustment

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    I've read many of the threads and they've been helpful, but (bet you saw that coming!) My problem is that I need to have the clutch very "tight" to start engine. So tight that I have to squeeze the lever, The "lever lock" wont let the wheel turn free, I've got to squeeze the lever hard. This is my first build and it is a lot of fun when running aside from problem!

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    Simple stuff. To start though - it's going to be tough while you break in the clutch spring, so it will be tough to pull, but I'll give you the quick walkthrough on how to adjust the clutch plate height.

    1. Position the camshaft from the clutch arm to be perfectly flat against the bucking bar (looks like a quarter inch pin in the center of the drive sprocket on the motor). This gives you the fullest range of movement when you pull the lever.

    2. Lock your clutch!

    3. Remove the clutch cover on the right side of the motor, remove the locking screw holding the flower nut. Slowly back off the flower nut (CCW) until your bike rolls freely with the clutch disengaged, and put the locking screw in.

    4. Give it a test ride and make sure it doesn't slip on a hill or when you're accelerating. If that's good, then lock the clutch with the motor engaged and lift the back wheel off the ground to ensure it doesn't move.

    If it doesn't move at all when the clutch is locked and the wheel is off the ground, and doesn't slip when you're accelerating - you're good to go! If it does either of those, then make further adjustments on the flower nut until it is good to go.
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    Sounds good, I'll give it a try. After I posted I went for a ride and things seemed better, is it a matter of "breaking in" the clutch? Thanks.
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    Whoops! did'nt read your post close enough, you mentioned breaking in clutch spring!
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    Good info DuctTapedGoat. I had been doing the right things but in the wrong order and missing the little things.
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    Great info DTG. Thank you.
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    Do you have any pics of how to? Or maybe a video ?