Clutch always engaged or slipping, no matter how finely adjusted.

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    Please help!

    The clutch is always engaged or slipping, no matter how finely adjusted the clutch is. Also, I cannot press the clutch plate in to remove the clutch plate center nut when I have the cover removed.

    Also, it seems to "re-adjust" itself signifigantly when the engine gets very warm. I don't recall this problem previously and have about 1000 km on the steed. Is this a symptom of clutch pads wearing out? Though it doesn't make sense that this would develop from that.

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    Check and clean the clutch pads as a starter point. Remove the machine screw securing the flower nut in place. Take a screwdriver and tap the flower nut counter clockwise. Don't tap on the same tab. Once off work the clutch handle and watch to see if the inner shaft is moving out of the clutch shaft on the right side.
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    Hi Al! Hi Proof!

    Thanks for the tips. As it turns out, the cable was sticking in the sheath and throwing me off. Yesterday when I was riding, the gear key that holds the small gear to the clutch shaft was sheared off. I wasn't expecting that. The shaft and inside of the gear are all scratched up too. Not sure how I'm going to fix it. Such a **** stock part is unexeceptable and I see no need to replace it with another of the same. I'm at the drawing board now...

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    If the gear will slip on the crankshaft, install a new key and bolt and go. If you can't slide the gear over the shaft, get some emery cloth (comes on a roll), and work the scratches out till the gear can slide on, replace the key... bolt and go.

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    It comes on and off the shaft pretty easy, since the scrathes are so deep, I don't want to sand it down too smooth or there might be some play in it. Here's my reply from my thread on it:

    Yes, that's what I want to do. There is damage, the mating surfaces have like .2 - .3 mm deep gouges in them and there was only metal powder left from the old woodruff key. I thought it was in two pieces, but when I dug in with a tiny screwdriver, only powder came out.
    I will have to dremel the lip edges of the inset cut to make them square again. The inset for the woodruff key is very short (at full depth) on the clutch shaft. I want to try to dremel it to full depth the full length of the inset cut for a longer(full length) rectangular woodruff key. If the diamond bits will do anything, I may make a second set of inset cuts for a second woodruff key. I will have to make woodruff keys from a piece of hard steel that was part of a thick saw blade used to cut railway rails with. I have something that I can cut a tiny piece off with and then I can file it a little to get it perfect. Very hard, but not brittle "spetz" metal.
    Maybe the nut was just a little loose, but it was still snug immediately after it happened when I opened it. I think I will lock those threads up tight with something when I put it all back together...