Clutch Clutch and throttle adjustments... please help!

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by lucky13, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. lucky13

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    This simple kit can make me feel so stupid.

    the clutch is way to tight. i can barely push the clutch lever on the motor in with my hand... am i doing something wrong.. or can this be adjusted within the motor?

    the throttle is also way to tight. what do i do!?!?

  2. biken stins

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    If you just installed it the pull will be hard. Is cable routed without a lot of bend and twist. if so route it so it is a near half circle from lever to where it goes through at engine.If cable is right
    Loosen it. Use a vise grip to move the arm in. Make sure vise grip are along the shaft so it does not break. Slowly move arm ccw. It will pop.That is ok. Hook cable up readjust.
    If this does not work you may need to loose star nut a bit .
    Good luck
  3. it will be easier to pull the clutch if you dont use the spring near the clutch arm.
    and for the throttle you have the throttle cable tied too tight to the bike.
  4. lucky13

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    Hey Biken Stins,

    Thanks once again for the help. I fixed the clutch very quickly with your advice.
    I take it you have a few builds under your belt.
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    Thank you for the help.
    When i first ran the cables, I was trying to keep in mind not to have pressure on the cable... but now after you said that, I'm thinking i might have bolted my gas tank on it.
    Hey, thanks again. i will have to check this out as soon as i wake in the morn.