Clutch clutch arm question

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    well yea, the 3 bars comming from the right side of the clutch...... that is what is out there on the internets. I mean all the forums, youtube videos and even here recomend doing the same thing, till it finnaly spins freely. I now consider this motor a practice motor, with the full intention of upgrading to a better motor. everyone says that the pk80...... thats eight zero (problems with my keyboard at the moment),,,,,is the way to go for reliableity and speed, and torque.

    Nanoneval, do you have a better idea on how to reslove the problem I had? I am all ears. In case it happens in the future, I really would like to find a easier and simpler way.

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    So the debris fell onto the pedal chain? It is the clutch pad material then.. Hmm, I have read that some old engines have asbestos in the clutch pads so that is something to be careful with. I think what you did to fix it makes sense.
    As for the PK80 I didn't/don't know if they are any better than other random generics. The engine that gets mentioned these days as being the best one to go for (if you are able/ in North America) is the Grubee Skyhawk GT5A which I read has better head studs that don't need to be replaced immediately. Just repeating what I have read. They also have thicker mounting studs and iirc wider spacing on the front mount.
    Anyway here's an old thread that talks about the PK80
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    just to follow up and after its all done, I also discovered that I need clutch pads. Its in the mail. It should all be good after I replace the clutch pads. Now on to my next purchase, rims, and hubs for my next build.