Clutch assembly problems

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    What a great site! Being stuck with epilepsy now, I no longer drive so I am stuck on bikes for everything. I used to ride this motorized bike for all purposes until I went electric a few years ago. Now I am cleaning up the motorized bike again. With everything clean and running, even a new clutch arm and pin, (which is what I thought was the problem: the bike not pushing me), I opened the actual clutch assembly and found a smaller pin NOT in the allotted hole (see attach), and after playing with it for days- it does not appear to fit into any of the 3 gaps beneath the first plate. I could not find any video's demonstrating how to dismantle this kind of clutch, (I have no idea how to even unscrew the main bolt) and don't know how to get the pin all the way through now, again- it fits through the first plate and just stops. So any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Just a shot in the dark here on this one, but try holding in the clutch lever in, put the pin in and spin it to find the guide hole beneath it?
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    Thanks for the reply, but no luck, I think I am going to have to dismantle it... just need to find out how. Thanks again
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    Thanks for the post- I can grab some hints!