Clutch cable better mounting yeah!


Aug 19, 2009
Actually, chicken does taste more like rabbit than rattler. Rabbits taste better than chicken! If they weren't cute like rattlesnakes, more people would know this! :geek:

Its a conspiracy I tell ya. Rabbits breed like, well, rabbits, but I can't find them in my local supermarkets anywhere, unless they come from China (I am really being serious! Brookshires sells "chinese" rabbits in the frozen section. Elsewhere, you have to get live "friers" from the farmers markets or shoot a bunny yourself.)

Don't hunt them out of season, and don't let anyone steal your bike while you are sighting in the nights supper.
I lived in farm country, growing up.

A friend of mine raised rabbits.

If you were not there when the momma had her babies, you'd eventually find her sitting in a cage full of 'baby parts'. Because she would eat them. Well, at least most parts of them.

I guess she'd get carried away, when cleaning them. Possibly a combination of that, and that 'suddenly empty stomach' hungry feeling she would have because all those babies were now outside, and not squishing up her stomach and other insides.

If you got them away from her and cleaned up, and got her to eat until she was full, then she'd accept them back and nurse them.

Well, most of the time. Sometimes she would eat some of them anyway.

Never seen chickens do that.


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Nov 11, 2012
Ya got a dirty fuel filter too..
The man knows what he's talkin about..
One finger..

Rebel Riders MB

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Dec 30, 2014
Nice ! Great idea , no more chaffing the clutch wires, the only visual improvements I can come up with is rounding out the corners off and maby paint it red to match the bicycle