Clutch Cable Clamp Tip

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by fastfestus, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. fastfestus

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    I used this on my Grubee 66cc but it would work on any MB with a clutch cable. I noticed when assembling my MB that the little brass clutch cable clamp was kinda puny. So I took an old sidepull brake off of a parts bike and cut off the protion that the brake cable passed thru. I ground it smooth and used it to back up the stock cable clamp. Now there are two clamps holding the cable on. And we all know two clamps are better than one.

  2. jackson0311

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    Awsome idea i just put mine together and took it out for the first time and the thought of that little brass holed letting go passed threw my mind more than once. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Dave C

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    If you look the hole that goes into the end of the clutch arm is threaded. I put a screw into it and that's the primary holder with the collar as backup. American Power Sports has a collar that clamps around the cable causing no damage to the cable and is easily moved if need but once tightened down it don't move. I think they list it for under $2, quite a bit less that any of the bike dealers want for their replacement screw collar :p
  4. mbp66

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    Your idea works fine.I have just installed the Fisherman clutch bracket.I found a clamping bolt from an old center pull brake.Two clamps are better than one,but if I had to choose,your's is better. Peter