Clutch Cable Difficult to Pull

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by 1968gtcs, Mar 6, 2008.

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    After much heartache and searching for the problem as to why my clutch cable was so difficult to pull, I finally found out that the cable cable couldn't have multiple points of inflection, especially around the handlebars and frame on its way to the clutch linkage. I cut it shorter and made it pretty much a straight shot from the clutch lever to the back of the motor where it goes into the retainer. Before this I tried lubricating the cable housing with graphite powder and it did nothing to help. I hope this helps someone out having the same problem. And sorry if this is a re-post of something, i tried my best to search for a solution and nothing was found on this site despite finding multiple posts on this subject. I've know how silly some of the uptight guys here get about duplicate posts.
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    Just look for a post by Large filipino and you will be a happy camper. You could find it by searching for "todays posts" under "quick Links". I think it may make your day!
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