Clutch Clutch Cable Roller!!

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    OK, So Pops did the coolest thing to his clutch cable. He did not like the way that the standard assembly went together. He thinks it rubs too much and will wear out the cable. Soooooo...
    He installed a roller instead of going through the guide in the middle of the rear side of the motor. The roller sits on top of the other side of the motor on top for the most part. But, A picture is worth a thousand words huh?

    needless to say, you cant hardly hear this thing move in a quiet room. Smooth as a baby's OOPS! (almost).
    And even tho it looks like it hits the bottom of the air intake, it misses BARELY, but that's enough.

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  2. srjeeper

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    This idea came from our very own 'Large Filipino' some time back. Put the same thing on mine a couple weeks back and it is truly a blessing compared to the way it use to work. :D
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    Even though this has been seen, it is a great mod. Your not kidding that its a smooth cable roll. I have done 3 and will have one on every happytime I ever own. Thanks for sharing sphynx.0029. Its a mod worth talking about.

    Large Filipino
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    Been there, done that...too.

    Yes, a very good mod. Thanks Large Filipino!

    I have made three of them, one for my bike and two more for others. I angle mine a bit different so the cable angles up under the fuel tank, keeps the front down tube clean. I also mount the CDI unit under the tank, it's not on the posted picture but I have since moved it.

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