Clutch, chain, sprocket, which ones to buy?

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    Hi, I'm building a hybrid trike, already have the front wheel 1000w hub motor installed and awaiting controller. I just ordered the gas engine and went with the 79cc instead of the 212cc because of the weight difference, and I only want the gas for backup and maybe in conjunction with the hub motor for getting from to the hard road through about a half mike of dirt road I live on. Plus I may need a little more speed at times and might try using both there too. Not sure how this thing will act so not exactly sure what I 'll be able to do with it, but want to get it as close to right as I can to start with, then I'll just have to see how it goes.

    Here's a link to the kit that I am copying with the exception of their 212cc motor and maybe the sprockets/clutch/chain and I'd like to do away with the pineapple adapter and use a regular rubber spoke adapter for the sprocket since I'm looking at a lower power than that kit.

    Link gives tooth and chain size but I suppose I first need to know roughly how fast I can expect this to go with the smaller 79cc engine on it's own (specs below) and with the size sprockets/clutch they recommend for the larger engine, so I know if I have a little speed to play with there in order to get a little more torque or what I need to change for whatever reason. Then we can discuss what centrifugal clutch/chain and sprocket to go with after we decide if I should get a sprocket with a different amount of teeth or not.

    FWIW, I think the trike has an expected speed with the 1000w motor only, of around 20 to 22mph, which is ok, but it would be nice to know roughly what speed I could get using both gas and electric once I get the ratios figured out. Also any other suggestions for the build could be helpful.