Clutch Cover Insulation

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  1. I have searched and searched for what people put on their clutch cover to cut the resonance from the gears. I have tried several things like duct tape, foam insulation, etc. The noise stops when I put my hand on the cover, so its not grinding the case, which I have found posts on. I would appreciate any help.

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    I glued some heavy duty rubber mat on mine, about 4 mm thick. Used Araldite to glue it on, works well.
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    Any rubberized plastic will work. You can test how well the material will work by tapping on it. If it makes a high pitched noise like glass it won't work, if it makes a dull thud should be OK. Kydex is a brand name that works. You could also try some automotive sound deadening material like dynamat, but it is spendy. Contact cement or epoxy works for adhesion.