clutch cover leaking oil !!!


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Dec 15, 2006
Fountain Hills, AZ
I went for a ride today, the first after pulling my head/jug because of a suspected wrist-pin bearing failure,
I heard some funny 'clunking' noises coming from the clutch, so when I got home, I pulled the clutch cover and it was covered in oil, enough that it was dripping all over my crank and garage floor !!!
I do believe she's toast, but I don't know how or why (I would like to know, so I won't do it again)
any info and/or condolences welcome


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I think you are leaking at the seal behind the small gear. Also it might be an organ rejection, (That Jag might want a 4 stroke), and your bike is trying to tell you something. :p

thanks papa...that's what I suspected,
there used to be a little drip on the mag side, but it poured out the cover as the pics showed
I don't think it's repairable (at least by me)
Your jaguar team member salutes you and mourns. That stinks, Im really sorry for you.:(
hmmmm.....look at how the oil seems to be coming out of the center of your clutch plate. note the spatter.....?

we need an expert!!

hang in there K.....:cool:
Rear main seal is shot. Could be worse as in my case....our rear main seal is leaking on my wife's 06 Jeep and it just cleared warranty 3 mos ago.

Try running nothing but pure castor oil in your gas for lubrication. Castor is known to gunk up the works with a film and may swell the seals too!
it is not he original leak (behind the mag, that cover shows it's normal minimal seapage)
it is from behind clutch's wet behind drive sprocket as well
any opinions on what would cause it?
I am gonna try to fix my old engine (needs a bushing), and I don't want it to happen again
otherwise, I'm off the road for a while :(