Clutch Clutch cover Noise reduction

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  1. I glued a 8mm or so piece of insertion rubber sheet ,[ this is like the material used in the sprocket rag joints] onto the clutch cover , it works very well , lost that ringing rattle much more pleasant now , ahhhhh.

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  3. On the clutch cover , please peruse attached photo.
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    We don't have a problem here in Alabama, USA with creating any noise for the police to take notice. I just might try it tho...Glued...INSIDE clutch cover or ON OUTSIDE of clutch cover?
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    I'll deal with the noise (what little noise mine makes). that rubber doesn't look very good glued on the outside of that cover in my opinion.
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    I cut up a mouse pad I had laying around; laid it inside and out. Did it do any good? Maybe some. If you want to add color to your engine, cut up a mouse pad of choice and glue it on, colored side out.
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