Clutch difficulties



Ok, so I tried searching, and I know this has proabably been covered, but I have an 80cc kings engine with close to 4,000 miles on it, and just recently the clutch has started to slip, and after I ride it for about 1 1/2-2 miles the clutch starts to make a high pitched noise. I have tried to adjust the clutch lever arm out so it would engage more, and it didn't seem to help.
I would contact the seller. He might just send you one. I have seen apost about someone recommending something else as a substitute..

I made the mistake of getting mine for BOY GO FAST. I cannot seem to get the guy to respond to messages. I may be interested in a replacement. I just cannot seem to find many postings about it here
Clutch threads are for frame mount and drivetrain. Clutch is part of the drivetrain. Thread was in the 2 stroke section, now been moved.

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The star nut was as tight as it should be, however I did find that my clutch arm that pushes the pin and ball in was worn down a little bit.