Clutch Drag when using it as a bicycle



Hello, has any one experienced a heavy drag from the clutch axale when using it as a bicycle? the clutch seems to be disengaging well when lever is on. Mine is very hard to pedal even at flat ground. Is this normal or is it my engine?

other topics going about this very thing...i'm too busy (reading and responding to duplicate topics) to search for 'em, but they're there and informative.

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There are no topics about this subject eventhough augidog insists, If some one had come accross this problem, please reply.
It is possible the clutch is dragging...To see if it is, hold the rear of the bike off the ground ( while the clutch lever is held open with the pin) and spin the rear wheel ( I am assuming the chain is not jambed up anywhere...if it is unjamb and start filing the teeth).....Notice how it spins or turns....NOW pull the clutch all the way in and spin the wheel again...Note how it spins or turns...if it gets better now you will need to tighten up the cable a bit (either through the adjusters on the clutch handle or by repositioning the brass keeper with the setscrew in it .If the tire did not spin any better with the clutch held in by the pin or pulling it in all the way manually , the clutch cable is far out of adjustment and you will have to immediately adjust it using the brass keeper with the little setscrew (the piece that attaches to the clutch cable) NOTE: the wheel will NOT spin as freely as it did before you installed the kit because of the added sprocket / chain and tensioner drag).
Good luck. Hope this helps you.
my problem is that i hear a continous sound while peddaling with he engine turned off (it sounds like the chain is continously touching some metal BUT IT ISN'T). How can i solve this problem please. plese help because i am getting suspicious now. by the way the engine and the bike are both new. just bought yesterday. 10x for the help.

If possible you can send me a link to another part of the forum. i really appriciate your help.
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Since you were rude in your last response, I will reply in like kind.
These motored bikes aren't rocket science. If the clutch is dragging you need to:
1. Either getter a longer clutch release arm from Dax.
2. Adjust your clutch so it doesn't do this either at the following 3 locations:
a. At lever assembly adjustment knob
b. At engine adjustment knob where able first enters engine.
C. at Clutch arm lever assembly.

It is often said that there are no stupid questions. I don't subscribe to that philsophy. Please channel your sarcasm into physically adjusting/removing components on your bike and solving this minor annoyance yourself.

BTW, please consider signing up for a shop class in your highschool. It would serve you well.
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i didn't intend to be rude in any way. sry if i was misunderstood. i really appriciate your help through this website. That's all i wanted to show!! again sry!