Clutch drum for 2.5 inch centrifugal clutch

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by rattlerviper, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. rattlerviper

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    Anyone know of a source for a clutch drum that will fit a 2.5 inch centrifugal clutch for a BMP or Stanton roller kit?
    It actually measures 2 3/8 inches or 60 MM. Staton listed the clutch size as 2.5 inches on thier website when I got the engine from them. I have contacted Staton about this question but have yet to recieve a answer.
    Thanks guys
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  3. rattlerviper

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    It's a mcullogh I got used fro staton. It has a custom clutch housing on it. I was measuring just the actual clutch.
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    I might be wrong, but I don't think weedwhacker engines will fit Staton's 54mm clutch drum. Unsure if your centrifugal clutch will survive.

    lots of weedwhacker engines on bicycles at

    Look for Deacon.
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    Robin-Subaru and Honda weed wackers use it for friction drive Try looking on Statons site.

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    Alright thanks guys. I apreciate all the input. Just saw the monster 2 stroke and gonna try to do some research on that one too. Anyone know how loud it is?
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    Click on the link below. If this is the 2 stroke engine you're referring to, I have this engine and a Honda GX35 4 stroke. I haven't ran the 2 stroke in a while and can't say about noise levels between the two, but neither of them are loud enough to amount to a hill of beans to me. That 2 stroker is a powerful little engine. Way better then the Honda 35, but I bet it won't last as long. But for the price, not a bad deal. I know several people that are using them.

    Heads up on that 2 stroke, I've found the pull start to be a weak link. I'd go ahead and purchase an extra one as a back up. And the bolts that hold the carb on came loose. They did not appear to have any kind of thread locker on them. My carb came loose and was literally dangling off the crank case. However, my engine cam off a Harbor Freight gasoline powered auger. The motor was on the auger when the carb came loose. I was using the auger a few months ago (July 4th weekend) when it stopped. I was amazed that it ran as long as it did when I discovered the problem. Tightened the bolts and it fired right back up. Have not started the engine since that day. I wonder if that would have happened had I left thee engine on my bike. I did put about 250 miles on that engine mounted to my BMP friction drive kit. All in all, I think it's a descent engine. For the price, and entry level, for someone just getting into motorized bicycles, I would recommend it.
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