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  1. jtmiyake

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    Hi. Newbie here. I've done some searching and have not quite found out an answer to much question yet. I am curious how durable the HT engine clutch is. I am able to start from a dead stop. I've read some that this is hard on the clutch but then I've read where others have done mods to their clutch to make it easier to feather. How much can these clutches handle and if/when it dies, how difficult is it to repair and/or upgrade?

    Here is my ride the day after I put it together.
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  2. srdavo

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    moderate pedaling, from the start will help prolong you clutch life... I have never worn out a clutch.
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    I agree... if you make it a habit to pedal to 5mph before hitting the throttle I think your clutch will last a lot longer.
  4. wavygravy

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    happy time clutches will definately last the life of the motor, there pretty tuff!!
  5. jtmiyake

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    So I can ride the **** out of it....:grin5: