Clutch grinding. (Whats wrong with my clutch?)


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Feb 8, 2020
( Video showing the problem )

I have been dealing with this problem ever since I put this build together. The engine runs well (mostly) with the clutch off but when its idling it wants to spin the rear wheel which causes a grinding noise when the wheel isnt held up and allowed to spin. Sometimes the clutch will behave normal or the grinding will stop and go without the bike being in motion. As shown in the video this happens even with the engine off and being pushed by hand. I have also adjusted the idle screw to little results, the RPM when idle doesnt effect the clutch at all it seems.

Here is the clutch im using :

I bought the 79cc monster 80 engine by itself without a kit and bought the transmission separately as this was an upgrade to a previous build which broke and those were the only parts I needed. (This turned out to be wrong, I needed a new throttle and new fuel line and mounting hardware and a different tail pipe) The clutch in the video is a brand new replacement but it has the same issue as the original that came with the transmission assembly. The transmission chain is also very loose and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do. My remaining ideas are a makeshift tensioner or replacing a link with a half link and using two master links which doesnt sound ideal. I have spent over a month getting this build ready and safe to ride and an extra two weeks trying to get the transmission to work and im out of viable ideas.

Is the chain the issue?
What could I do to my clutch to fix this?
How do I tighten a trans chain I cant make any shorter?
My engine has minor acceleration issues sometimes, the engine wants to stop if you pull the throttle, could the clutch cause this?( I think this happens without the clutch on but adjusting the idle screw seemed to help in this context. I held the throttle wide open and closed it multiple times without the engine stopping yesterday.)

Any help to finally get me riding the new build for the first time after over a month would be amazing, thank you!