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Oct 10, 2008
hello all I have just assembled my engine and the chain is rubbing on the clutch housing, I searched and could not find anything about this on the forum. I have attached a pic so you can see what is happening. of coarse any help much appreciated.


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One of my engines did the same thing. It has one of the wider output sprockets on the engine and it took a while for the sprocket to break in so the chain would sit on the sprocket all the way. I just took a dremel tool and ground some clearance into the cover. It doesn't take much.
thanks for the reply, I will cut down the housing a bit, thought I would check with some more experienced guys first. I didn't like the rear sprocket that came with the kit, it was just a flat pressed out plate so I had to redish the wheel and pack out the axle, this worked to my advantage because I had choosen a 700c hybrid so it gave me more clearence on the stays np. worst thing i guess is the sprocket had no lead on it so no doubt it would have jumped a tooth some time. anyway the grinder made a nice lead while the wheel was spinning. should be up and running soon
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Anyway, whenever I turn the the output shaft there is a grinding noise, I just figured the clutch needed to bed in or something. haha lol:LOL:. So I have pretty much everything done (did a few mods on the bike too), I pull off the gear reduction\clutch housing to check for lube status- well there wasn't any and some swrew that holds the clutch adjustment from spinning is making a nice big groove in the housing. No problem I get the thickest gasket paper I have and decide to add another one to the 2 that are already there, whoops not enough! I decided to do the moral thing and make a spacer from some alloy plate I had laying around. of coarse I mark out to the housing instead of the gasket; wrong, housing is cast freehand gasket is actually right, almost come to grief. All finished now ready for some fuel.

Night before last I dreamt I was riding on it and my fuel tank mounts came loose and it slipped down the top tube, when I checked it I had never put fuel in it, it was just running on a bit left in the fuel bowl.:D

hope it is this efficient!

anyway tomorrow I'll hopefully fire her up (yes she's a girl lol, wouldn't have so much trouble otherwise?) Just kidding


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