Clutch, I soaked it in Varsol

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cooltoy, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. cooltoy

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    Now before you go spraying your afternoon coffee out of your mouth for reading the title to this post, I am happy with my little "mod".
    What I did was dip it into the varsol and wipped it off soon after.
    I just find that now I can start off without having to do anything more than giving myself a good shove-off as I lift my feet (at a red light)
    I know that this is a no-no and that the clutch would have to "slip" for what I am saying to be correct, yet it's not all that bad at all. For me it just puts a little bit of "give" into the mixture for me.
    It still bump-starts for me in the snow,(yes, I use it every day) so to me that shows that I did not kill the clutch (so far, but hey, it's just a toy)
    My thinking is that Varsol leaves an oil-like film but just enough to soften things up a bit.Who knows, it could be that the clutch will last longer as it won't "Grab" now which I think leads to wear on the pads.
    I will now hide under my bed and wait for the blast I'm expecting, see ya!

  2. RdKryton

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    I think you may have it backwards. Friction produces wear and heat so if the clutch is slipping more, you will get more wear and heat. If it grabs quickly, it should not wear as fast or get as hot.
    Just my take on it for what it's worth.


    P.S. When I was a kid I oiled up a centrifical clutch on my go cart and it caught fire....
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  3. cooltoy

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    Yes. I know what you are saying. But every time you get that "grab" you create a bit of "dust" that is really a cloud of worn off padding. Well, like I said we will see how it works out. So far it's been about a month of hard winter driving.
  4. RdKryton

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    I hope it continues to work well for you. Good luck

  5. fetor56

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    I'm all for experimentation...try it,see what happens.
    Please keep us posted on your clutch progress....good luck.
  6. wavygravy

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    i beg your pardon? a motoredbike isnt just a toy , its a time machine, A portal to another dimension, a link to our past & future! for a lot of us anyway. its our heart & soul!! therapy if you will! anyway your forgiven for now! lol!
  7. fetor56

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    It's all that plus's our worst nightmare sometimes. ;)