Clutch Clutch internal bearings

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    Hey room,

    So, can anyone tell me the best way to get some kind of lube on the bearing hid behind pressure plate on clutch? Uno, just future maintenance stuff. Uno, behind that flower nut, if you go out theres a groove or circle.........there behind that?


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    Not a big problem since the whole clutch unit is cheap to replace & that bearing does nothing except when the clutch lever is pulled.

    If noisy, I've sometimes put a bit of very heavy wheel bearing grease into a nut, held the nut against each of the three holes on the backside of the clutch unit, then turned a bolt into the nut forcing a bit of grease down into the bearings. It is important not to use too much as it will then come out into the friction parts of the clutch and cause slipping.

    A (new to me) problem with these clutches happened this week. The pads were exposing some fine, steel wires as they wore, and the wires got into that bearing causing it to periodically lock up so that the clutch would not dis-engage. Pressed it apart to look at it, but put in a new unit rather than try to repair it.